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HD-10 waterproofing membrane thickness is in Hebei Hongyu Equipment Co., Ltd. developed a new generation of self-consistent with GB18242-2000 and GB18243-2000 standard for measuring the thickness of waterproofing membrane designed and manufactured. Portable, hand-held measurement . waterproofing membrane thickness the main technical parameters 1. Measurement of the Pan-Wai :0-10mm 2. on the measured diameter: 10 0.05 mm 3. division value: 0.01 mm 4. to exert pressure: 0.02Mpa waterproofing coating thickness thickness of the material surface protection and decorative coating for the formation of thickness measurement instruments, measurement of the object, including coating, plating, deposited layer, paste layer, chemical generation film (in the national and international standards referred to as cladding (coating)). Coating thickness measurement has become the processing industry, the surface quality of the project an important part of testing is to achieve superior product quality standards necessary means. To make the product international, China's exports and foreign projects, the thickness of the coating with a clear requirement. Coating thickness measurement principles are generally based on the following five types: 1. Magnetic Thickness law: for the non-magnetic material thickness guide magnetosphere. Magnetic material is generally: Steel iron Silver nickel. this method high precision volume waterproof Mu Wen Chu? / strong> 2. eddy current thickness measurement method: for a non-conductive metal on the conducting layer thickness measurement. this method compared with the magnetic thickness measuring method and low accuracy 3. ultrasonic thickness Method: At present, this method not useful for coating thickness measurement, the foreign individual manufacturers such instruments for measuring multi-layer coating thickness or the above two methods is the occasion can not be measured. but generally expensive measurement accuracy is not high. 4. electrolysis thickness method: This method is different from the above three, does not belong to non-destructive testing, need to destroy Coating. general accuracy is not high. measuring up some trouble than the other 5. radiometric dating Thick law: this device is very expensive (usually more than 10 million RMB), for special occasions. waterproofing membrane thickness China is currently the most widely used two methods 1,2. Coating Thickness Coating Thickness Coating Thickness Coating Thickness Measurement methods are: wedge cut method, light interception, electrolysis, the thickness difference measurement, weighing, X-ray fluorescence method, reverse-ray scattering, capacitance, magnetic measurements and eddy current measurement method. The first five of these methods is the damage detection, measurement methods cumbersome, slow, and more suitable for sampling. Waterproofing membrane thickness X-ray and-ray method is non-contact non-destructive measurement, but complex and expensive device, measuring a smaller range. Due to radioactive sources, the user must comply with radiation protection norms. X-ray method can be measured very thin coating, double coating, alloy plating. Ray method for coating and the substrate atoms number greater than 3 coating measurements. Capacitance conductors only in a thin coating thickness of insulation used. As technology advances, especially in recent years after the introduction of computer technology, using magnetic method and the thickness to the micro-eddy current method, intelligent, multi-function, high accuracy, practical direction a step further. Reached 0.1 micron resolution measurement accuracy can reach 1%, have increased significantly. It is suitable for a wide range of wide range, easy to operate and inexpensive, industrial and scientific use of the most widely used gage device. Waterproofing membrane thickness destruction by non-destructive method does not damage the substrate coating, detection speed, make a lot of testing work carried out economically. 1. Factors that tells a base metal magnetic properties of magnetic method to measure thickness by the base metal magnetic change (in practice, low carbon steel magnetic changes can be considered a minor), in order to avoid heat and cold factors should be used and sample the nature of the base metal with the same standard piece of equipment calibration; can also be used to calibrate the specimen to be coated. Waterproofing membrane thickness b of the base metal electrical conductivity properties of the base metal affect the measurement, while the conductivity of the base metal and its material composition and heat treatment methods. Specimen using the same nature as the base metal piece of the standard instrument calibration. c of the base metal thickness of each instrument has a critical thickness of the base metal. Greater than the thickness measurement is not the thickness of the base metal. The critical thickness of the instruments see Table 1. d edge effect on the specimen surface of the instrument's sudden change of shape sensitive. Therefore, near the edge or within the specimen to measure the corner is not reliable. Waterproofing membrane thickness e curvature of the specimen curvature influence on the measurement. This influence is always with the reduction in radius of curvature significantly increases. Therefore, in the bend measured on the surface of the specimen is not reliable. f the deformation of the specimen will probe the specimen deformation of soft cover, so the specimen measured reliable data. g waterproofing membrane surface roughness and thickness of the base metal coating on the surface roughness measurement of impact. Roughness increases, the impact of increases. Rough surface will cause the system error and random error, each measurement, in different positions should increase the frequency of measurement to overcome such occasional errors. If the base metal is rough, it must be similar to the roughness of uncoated base metal specimens taken several positions on the instrument's zero proof; or no corrosion of the base metal to remove dissolved coating solution, and then proofread the instrument zero. g around the magnetic field produced by a variety of electrical equipment strong magnetic field, would seriously interfere with the work of the magnetic method to measure thickness. h attached to the substance of the instrument for those who obstruct the probe in close contact with the surface coating material sensitive to the attachment, therefore, attached material must be removed to ensure the instrument probe and direct contact with the surface being tested. I waterproofing membrane thickness pressure probe probe placed on the sample size will affect the pressure measurement readings, therefore, to maintain the pressure constant. j orientation of the probe placement probe affect measurement. In the measurement, the probe and the sample should be perpendicular to the surface. 2. Using the instrument shall comply with the provisions of a base metal properties of the magnetic method, the standard film magnetic base metal and surface roughness of the specimen should be with the magnetic base metal and surface roughness similar. For the eddy current method, the standard chip electrical properties of metal matrix, the specimen should be the base metal and electrical properties similar. Waterproofing membrane thickness b of the base metal thickness inspection of the base metal thickness is more than critical thickness, and if not, can be used in some way 3.3 calibration. c should not be close to the edge effect of the mutation at the specimen, such as the edge of the hole and measure the angle, etc.. d curvature of the specimen should be measured on the curved surface. e number of readings usually because of the instrument readings are not the same each time, and therefore must take every measure within an area of several readings. Coverage of local variations in thickness, but also requires any given multiple measurements within the area, surface roughness and even more so when. f waterproofing membrane thickness measurement of surface cleanliness, should remove any attached on the surface of substances such as dust, grease and corrosion products, etc., but do not remove any cover material
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