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When it comes to car maintenance and preventive maintenance of each part, we rarely think of this also relates to the starter and alternator. Generally believed that the starter and alternator is a limited service life of electrical components, and they are basically not much preventive maintenance needs. When a car is assembled after the starter and alternator to start together with other parts of their life. But after that, the service life of these parts actually how long it is difficult to predict accurately. If the owners are fortunate enough to enter his car outside the open in the future treatment plant scrap cars, the engine hatch the following starter and alternator is still a car factory original accessories. But luck is not good enough if the owner, then his car before the end of life in these two important parts replaced one or two at least once. Typically, owners who are not so lucky. Members may not realize, through the vehicle starter and alternator for some preventive maintenance work is to enable them to maximize the service life extension. First discuss the preventive maintenance alternator. Work is to ensure that the alternator to the battery fully charged to work in the engine, the battery to the electronic components to the vehicle to provide a stable power. While in the AC generator, it will produce by-products, which produce heat, so in each are set within the alternator, a fan, make cold air through the generator to remove heat. In addition, the generator side of the front and rear, and also set a number of cooling vents for heat dissipation. To prevent overheating the alternator, must ensure that the outer surface of the clean, ensure that no dirt, grease and other debris residues. The outer surface of any residue in the contaminated material generator will stop generating heat out, and as a result in a very short period of time generating internal overheating and damage. Alternator checked after the cooling conditions, then should check the alternator and the battery circuit connection status, see if maintained a good connection. Circuit appears loose joints or corrosion, will consume part of the generator output voltage, which results in generating electricity to meet the needs of automotive electrical components at the same time, the load greatly increased. If the line connection is loose, please tighten; if the residue of the dirt, dirt on the place and then tighten completely removed. If the connector or terminal has been seriously damaged, can not be repaired, it will replace it out. Checking the alternator drive belt tension or replace belt degree, please also check the status of the alternator assembly components. If the assembly is loose parts, alternators will be because of the impact and vibration, which can damage the generator internal components. In addition, most parts of the alternator must rely on the assembly to form the grounding line. If the assembly of components to loosen, it will lead to loose ground in the assembly line at a voltage drop, this time, the alternator can not be due to other electrical systems at full capacity output. In this case, the alternator will be forced to work in the whole time overload. Overloaded generator for a long time to clear is not good, because the long-term overload alternator will end its useful life prematurely. Start the machine again to discuss the following maintenance. Start to complete only one task confidential, and that is start the engine. After you start the engine the other time, the starter is no longer available to the engine flywheel ring gear torque. However, we must correctly understand the role of starter, neither exaggerate nor underestimate its importance, after all, can not start the engine, car can not run. Let the starter work need only satisfy two conditions: First, start a larger battery can provide instant pulse current; Second, start the machine working environment must be dry and clean. The first condition is relatively easily satisfied. First, make sure the battery terminals clean and clamp firmly attached, so that the starter battery will be able to provide the required high current. Second, the battery must be able to load test, and has a certain voltage buffering capacity. In addition, the starter circuit connection must remain strong and clean, start the machine and the battery cable connections between the bulky must maintain good condition. As long as there is on the line terminals, be sure to keep the connection of these terminals strong and clean. As with the alternator, starter grounding line has also been the engine casing. Therefore, start the installation support to ensure that parts are clean and securely connected, it should also check the engine and battery indirectly lines in good condition. Starter from any cause the voltage drop positive or negative, will reduce the start-start the machine power. Most cars start the machine have been installed in the engine near the bottom. The existence of gravity, the engine will leak out of the flow of any liquid in the vicinity of the starter. If the starter is coolant, oil or other viscous liquid wet, will not be the case of a pre-design work. If the starter is a long soak, it may work for a long period of non-normal state of total loss. After a thorough cleaning will start the machine, start the machine and the need to test the line between the battery, start the machine in order to ensure the long-term suffering caused by the loss of a viscous liquid. If you start the machine in test performance were found at the edge of normal or have lower than normal, it is necessary to change out. Automotive alternator and starter is not too much to the people demanding the maintenance work. However, if some basic maintenance needs are not met, then they will most likely give you the customer to create larger problems.
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