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Orifice flow meter pipe works full throttle fluid flow through the pipe device, resulting in cutting pieces of local contraction near the flow rate of increase in its upstream and downstream static pressure difference on both sides of. Known under the conditions of the relevant parameters, according to a continuous flow principle and Bernoulli's equation can be derived business relationship between pressure and flow and calculated flow. The basic formula is as follows: c-out d-dimensionless coefficient of working conditions, the throttle or cutting pieces of D-throat diameter upstream pipe diameter under the conditions of work qm-mass flow Kg / s qv-volume flow m / s - diameter ratio d / D dimensionless fluid density Kg / m can be dimensionless coefficient of expansion throttling device orifice flowmeter structure composed of cutting pieces: the standard plate, the standard nozzle, nozzle diameter, 1 / 4 hole plate double orifice, eccentric orifice, round plate missing, take pressure conical entrance orifice plates and other devices: Central Office, to take pressure flange, clamping ring, lead pipes and other pressure measuring tube orifice flowmeter installation requirements: straight pipe before the request is normally done after 10D 5D, so be sure to purchase orifice flowmeter flow meter on-site mining under the circumstances to select the appropriate flowmeter mining site.
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