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Affect the efficiency of centrifugal pump group analysis of the factors, and improvement measures to enhance the efficiency of centrifugal pumps, reducing equipment energy consumption. First, the influence of several factors centrifugal pump group efficiency is mechanical efficiency, volumetric efficiency and hydraulic three kinds of the product. Efficiency of pump and motor efficiency for the pump efficiency of the product. Low efficiency caused by centrifugal pump group has the following main factors. 1. Pump itself is the most fundamental of efficiency. The pump under the same working conditions, efficiency may be a difference of 15% or more. 2. Centrifugal pump operating conditions is lower than the rated operating conditions, low pump efficiency, high energy consumption. 3. Motor efficiency in the use of essentially unchanged. So choose a high-efficiency motor of crucial importance. 4. The major impact of mechanical efficiency and manufacturing quality and design related. Pump is chosen, the late management was less affected. 5. Hydraulic loss, including loss of hydraulic friction and local resistance. Pump run for a certain time, has inevitably led to the impeller and the guide vanes and other parts of the surface wear, water loss increases, the hydraulic efficiency. 6. Pump volume loss, also known as leakage losses, including the impeller seal ring, inter-stage, three kinds of axial force balance mechanism leakage losses. Volumetric efficiency is related not only to design and manufacture, but also with the late management. Continuous operation of the pump after a certain time, due to the friction between the various components, the gap increases, volumetric efficiency decreases. 7. The filter cylinder block, intake and other causes of pipeline pumps for taking the time and idling. 8. Pump before the start of the employee does not pay attention to the preparatory work before the start of centrifugal pumps, heating pumps, plate pumps, infusion pumps and other basic operating procedures are not complete, often caused by pump cavitation, causing the pump noise, vibration, pump efficiency low. Second, reducing pump energy consumption and increase pump efficiency measures to be taken 1. Replace the 14 units inefficient pump. Replacement, selected parameters and the actual operating conditions close to the pump, ensure the replacement of the pump is always running in the high state. We did compare the efficiency of centrifugal pump before and after replacement experiments show that the replacement of inefficient, high consumption of centrifugal pump, the pump efficiency can increase about 10%. 2. Frequency energy saving technology. Design parameter is greater than the actual operating conditions of centrifugal pumps, the installation of frequency control devices, always running in the high zone. 3. In the main pump on the application of energy efficient variable speed motors and dual-power permanent magnet motor and other new energy-saving products. 4. Centrifugal pump selection. Selection of new pumps should be selected large pump manufacturers, to ensure high efficiency centrifugal pumps. 5. Centrifugal pump maintenance. (1) on the pump shaft seal should always be checked and adjusted to reduce volume loss; (2) When the pump is running 10 000 h accumulated, it should be a major overhaul to restore pump efficiency; (3) promote the use of ripple on the centrifugal tube sealing technology, the complete elimination of pump leakage and improve volumetric efficiency. 6. Regular cleaning of filter cylinders, check the pipe connections to ensure smooth flow of pump inlet pipe. 7. Strictly in accordance with the pump operating procedures, start the pump to the plate before a pump, open the inlet valve, close the exit valve, the exhaust vent, check whether the pump inlet pressure requirements. For the fluid pressure to prevent the flow shortage caused by low and pump cavitation phenomenon. 8. Regularly carried on centrifugal pump efficiency testing, the low efficiency of the pump pump, to timely find out the reasons, to take corresponding measures to solve them. When the centrifugal pump used to pump liquids containing large, medium and small size of the mud flow of materials, the liquid injected into the cylinder along the tangent to the chamber, to form the vortex, and cut along a portion of the liquid from the chamber to exclude ; the slurry is injected into the chamber axis, the eddy current materials and the rest of the large size of the slurry and liquid separation; the remaining slurry and liquid axial excluded from the room, and the import of its injection pump; use material from the pump out of the formation of the vortex jet as a liquid, thereby reducing the wear of the impeller centrifugal pump and increase pump efficiency. When the centrifugal pump used to pump the liquid to a small size with large mud flow of materials to reduce wear and increase pump impeller centrifugal pump efficiency of the method, the feature is that it includes: a spray of liquid into the vortex tangential form a vortex chamber, and from the room along the tangential part of the liquid exclusion; b axis is injected into the mud of the room, the large size of the vortex with the rest of the material left behind by the slurries and liquid separately; c the left down along the axis of the slurry and liquid exclusion from the chamber and injected into a centrifugal pump of its imports; d use of the material from the pump out of the jet as the formation of the vortex liquid; Therefore, the large size of the material transfer to the cylindrical vortex was discharged as a result, medium and small, size, material and liquid is sprayed into the pump, thus, reducing the wear of the impeller and allows high-speed operation of the pump, and thus efficiency.
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