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Carton compression (pressure) and the calculation of intensity factors 0 replies,2691 views

Carton compression (pressure) and the calculation of intensity factors crushing cardboard packaging requirements of many of the most important indicator of quality, testing, corrugated box will be placed between the two clips, pressure to the carton pressure collapse when the pressure, that is, crushing cardboard boxes, with KN said. 1, scheduled to carton boxes require a certain compressive strength compressive strength, because the packaged goods in storage and transportation process, after stacking the boxes in the lowest level of pressure by the upper part of cartons, in order not to collapse pressure must be with an appropriate compressive strength, compressive strength of the carton with the following formula: (Branch Po testing equipment Co., Ltd.) P = KW (n-1) where P ---- cartons compressive strength, N W- --- carton after loading the weight, N n ---- K ---- layers stacking stacking stacking layers of safety factor H n based on stacking height obtained with a single carton height h, n = H / h stacking factor of safety vary according to the stacking of the layers to determine the national standard: storage of less than 30d to take K = 1.6 the storage of 30d-100d to take K = 1.65 greater than the 100d storage period to take K = 2.0 2, according to calculate the compressive strength of materials book a cardboard carton strength, they shall choose a suitable carton board, corrugated paper to produce corrugated boxes, to avoid the waste caused by blind production; the ring under the base paper to calculate the compression strength of cartons compressive strength of many formulas, but more concise and practical formula is kellicutt, it is suitable for cardboard boxes used to estimate the compressive strength of 0201. 3, to determine the compressive strength of the method of carton production process due to various factors, and finally the production of carton strength of materials used are not necessarily consistent with the estimates, so the final accurate method to determine the compressive strength of corrugated box is the constant wet cardboard carton compression testing machine after the test with; no test equipment for small and medium sized plants, one in the cardboard boxes covered with wood, and then stack the wood the same amount of weight to less meet the requirements to determine whether the carton strength; 4, the compressive strength of the factors that affect the carton (Branch Po testing equipment Co., Ltd.) 1) is to determine the quality of raw material base paper carton compression strength of the decisive factors, the formula can be seen from the kellicutt . However, the process of corrugated board production does not allow other conditions of neglect, such as the amount of adhesive, corrugated high-change, impregnated, coated, composite processing and so on. 2) Water boxes with corrugated board manufacturing high water content, or for a long time storage in a wet environment care, will reduce its compressive strength. Fiber is a highly absorbent, in the rainy season and humidity in the air, the board of water and atmospheric environment is important to balance between the wet. 3) box box box refers to the type and the same type of boxes of size ratio, they have significant impact on the compressive strength. Some box is double corrugated carton structure, crushing strength than single-box the same size significantly improved; in the same condition, the higher the box, the worse the stability, the lower compressive strength. 4) printing and printing will reduce the carton opening strength. Ventilation requirements of packaging of goods on surface openings, or in the box side of the hand hole punch Qieti will reduce the carton strength, especially in large open area, such as one side of bias, influence more apparent. 5) processing error in the system pressure lines during the improper box, slotted too deep, with unsound and so on, will reduce the compressive strength into me. Third, the dynamic performance test carton
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