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First, the transformer no-load test and load test of the purpose and significance of the transformer no-load and short circuit test: the loss of the transformer is an important performance parameters of the transformer, the transformer on the one hand that the efficiency of the operation process, on the other hand show that in the design and manufacture of transformers performance meets the requirements. Transformer load loss and no-load current measurement, load loss and transformer short circuit impedance measurements are a routine test. Transformer no-load test is one of the coils from the transformer rated voltage is applied, the case of other open circuited, measured transformer load loss and no-load current. Load current with its percentage of the rated current, ie: the no-load test is: measuring transformer load loss and no-load current; verify the calculation of transformer **** design, manufacturing process meets the requirements of technical conditions and standards ; check the transformer **** is flawed, such as local overheating, partial and poor insulation. Transformer short-circuit test is a set of coil transformer short-circuit, on the other coil with rated frequency of AC voltage transformer rated current within the coils, when measured by the loss of short-circuit losses, the applied voltage short-circuit voltage, short circuit voltage is the voltage of the coil was additionally expressed as a percentage of rated voltage: this time the short circuit impedance of the impedance obtained by the same pressure to be expressed as a percentage coil Nominal Impedance: Transformer short-circuit voltage and short circuit resistance percentage is the percentage of equal, and its active component and reactive component also corresponds to equal. Load test is: the possibility of calculation and determination of transformers and other transformers operating in parallel; calculation and test the transformer short-circuit the thermal stability and dynamic stability; calculate the efficiency of the transformer; calculation of the transformer secondary voltage generated due to load changes change. Second, the transformer no-load and load testing of wiring and test methods for load test, one side of the transformer (according to test conditions) of the rated voltage, the rest of the winding open circuit. Wiring short circuit test and load test of the connection are similar, the difference is non-pressurized coil to three-phase short circuit and not open. For the three-coil transformer, a pair of coils each test (total test three times), the coil should not be open again. Short-circuit test, applied in the processing side of the transformer frequency AC voltage, adjusting the applied voltage, the coil current equal to the rating; Sometimes, because of on-site conditions, can also be tested at a lower current, but not less than . Third, the test requirements and Note 1, the test voltage should normally be the rated frequency, sine wave form, and use a certain accuracy level meters and transformers. If the applied voltage of the coil partakers then, they should be rated tap position. 2, test access system in one device all the required tests to be qualified, the equipment enclosure and the secondary circuit should be grounded, and test the protection should be put into the protection of the operating current and time to be checked. 3, three-phase transformers, when the test power supply has sufficient capacity to maintain the voltage stability during the test. And for the actual three-phase symmetrical sine wave, its current and voltage values, the average should be subject to three-phase meter. 4, with a short wire link must have sufficient cross-section, and as short as possible, the connection contact. Fourth, the calculation of a test result, no-load test results of the calculation of three-phase transformer with a measurement of the three wattmeter, its no-load current and load loss can be calculated the following formula: 2, the calculation of short circuit test
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