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Normal working hours to allow a crane lifting the maximum rated capacity as the quality. Units of tonnes (T) or dry grams (KG). Rated capacity of crane hook, including hook and under the weight pulleys. Grab and solenoids, etc. can be removed from the crane on the quality of the device included extracts from the weight rating, the bridge type crane rated capacity is constant. Bridge type cranes, and some cranes rated capacity is constant, and amplitude independent (such as portal cranes, some of the tower crane), and some crane arm corresponding to the different range of different length and rated capacity (such as tires and truck cranes, crawler cranes, rail cranes.) Rated from the weight of more than one, usually called the maximum rated weight from the weight, or simply from the weight. Crane lifting heavy objects, their starting weight lifting items from the maximum mass a decision (in individual cases, can be used two cranes Lift heavy objects.) Bulk materials handling cranes, according to the requirements determined from the weight of the productivity. If the given grab crane production rate P (t / h), crane operating cycles per hour for the n. (And goods transport distance, pace of work organizations, institutions coincidence movement, workers and other relevant technical level of operation), the weight of material per grab (grab effective volume * volume set of materials) for Q1, grab weight as G, then from the weight of the crane: Q = Q1 + G = P / n + G grab weight ratio of the quality of materials and crawl with the grab volume decreases. From the weight of a large crane to improve operational efficiency, are generally equipped with lifting mechanism and the Deputy Lord hoisting mechanism. Rising main from the weight, the speed is low; deputy from the rising weight of small, high speed. Vice from the operational requirements identified by the rising weight, bridge type cranes rising from the weight of deputy general lifting-based 1 / 5 ~ 1 / 3. Truck crane and rail cranes rated capacity with the boom of the position (lateral, rear, front of the base into three operating position. Railway crane and line direction at a certain angle there is a specific direction) varies. Wheel crane and rail cranes rated capacity is also a branch legs stretched wide, without legs and lifting driving three cases. Heavy crane driving. Boom must lead. Crane and lifting operations without legs when moving from the weight determined by the rated tires, axle (or wheel of the truck) carrying capacity.
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