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Electromagnetic flowmeter transmitter advantages of simple structure, no moving parts, and no obstruction of fluid flow throttle parts, so when the fluid passage does not cause any additional pressure loss, and it does not cause such wear, blockage, in particular for measuring the slurry with solid particles, sewage and other liquid-solid two-phase body, and a variety of viscous slurry and so on. Also, because of its structure, no moving parts, so the corrosion can be attached insulation lining and selection of corrosion-resistant electrode material, play a very good corrosion resistance, so that can be used for a variety of corrosive media measurement. electromagnetic flowmeter is - kind of volume flow measurement instruments, in the measurement process, it from the measured temperature of the medium. viscosity, density and electrical conductivity (in a certain range) of. Therefore, the electromagnetic flowmeter calibration by water only after the other can be used to measure the flow of conductive liquid, rather than Other amendments require additional. electromagnetic flowmeter extremely wide measuring range, the same electromagnetic flowmeter range of up to 1:100 ratio. In addition, electromagnetic flow meter measured only the average velocity is proportional to the media, and distribution with axial symmetry Under the current state (laminar or turbulent) has nothing to do. electromagnetic flowmeter no mechanical inertia, response, and can measure the instantaneous pulse flow, and good linearity. Therefore, the signal set can be measured directly convert the linear converter into a standard signal output, instruction may also be long-distance transmission. drawback electromagnetic flowmeter with the excellent features though, but it also has some shortcomings, which are subject to certain restrictions in the use. mainly the following: electromagnetic flowmeter can be used to measure gas, steam and liquid containing large amounts of gas. electromagnetic flowmeter can not be used to measure the electrical conductivity is still very low liquid medium, the measured conductivity of the liquid medium can not be less than 10-5 ( S / cm), equivalent to the conductivity of distilled water. of petroleum products or organic solvents is also powerless. Since the measurement of temperature pipe insulation lining material constraints, the current industrial electromagnetic flowmeters can not measure the high temperature and high pressure fluids. electromagnetic flowmeter affected by the velocity distribution, the distribution of the axial symmetry condition, the traffic signal is proportional to the average velocity. Therefore, electromagnetic flowmeter before and after must have a certain length of straight pipe before and after. susceptible to external electromagnetic interference electromagnetic flowmeter of
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