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PH meter (pH meter) structure composed of 3 main parts. The industry will know that PH is a common pH meter equipment, with the current rapid economic development, application and technology is constantly expanding and updating a variety of The PH meter, PH acidity of precision measurement products are used for the pH value of the liquid medium, including industrial processing, food industry, measurement, PH meter coupled with the corresponding ion-selective electrode ion electrode potential can also be measured MV values. PH meter PH meter with the potential measurements, is the most sophisticated method of measuring pH, is widely used in industry, agriculture, scientific research, environmental protection and other fields. For the first time using the PH of users, let's look at three major structural pH meter components. pH meter consists of three components: 1, a reference electrode; 2, a glass electrode, whose potential depends on the surrounding solution pH; 3, a current meter, the meter can measure the resistance of the circuit in a great small potential difference. The following is a description of the components are the main functions: 1, the basic function of reference electrode is to maintain a constant potential, as all deviation from the potential control measure. Silver - silver oxide pH electrode is the most commonly used reference electrode. 2, the glass electrode function is measured to establish an activity of hydrogen ions the solution to respond to changes in potential difference. The pH sensitivity of the electrode and reference electrode in the same solution to form a primary batteries, the battery potential of glass electrode and reference electrode potential of the algebra and. Reference E cell = E + E glass, if the temperature is constant, the potential of the battery under test solution with the pH change, and measure the pH meter in the battery produces potential is difficult, because of its very small force, and the circuit impedance is very large 1-100M; Therefore, we must amplify the signal so that it is sufficient to promote the standard table or mA mV table. 3, the current account of the function is the potential to enlarge the original battery several times, amplifying the signal through the meter shows that the degree of deflection of the meter pointer that its promotion of the signal strength, in order to use requirements, pH ammeter dial engraved corresponding pH values; and digital pH meter directly in digital show pH values.
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