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Commonly used laser range finder to measure distances in two ways: pulse method and phasing. Ranging process of pulse method is this: a laser rangefinder emits reflected by the object being measured then by the range finder receiver, laser rangefinder to record round-trip time. The product of the speed of light, and half the round trip time is the laser rangefinder and the distance between the object being measured. Pulse distance measurement accuracy is generally within + / - 1 meter. In addition, the measurement of such blind spots generally range finder is 15 meters. Laser range finder has been widely used in the following areas: electricity, water, communications, environmental, construction, geology, police, fire, explosion, marine, rail, anti-terrorism / military, agriculture, forestry, real estate, leisure / outdoor sports and so on. Why there are so-called safe laser range finder; and unsafe; the difference between the name suggests, the laser range finder is used as main material with a laser to carry out the work. Currently, the market hand-held laser range finder on the work of material mainly in the following categories: wavelength of 905 nm and 1540 nm semiconductor laser wavelength of 1064 nm YAG laser. 1064 nm wavelength on human skin and eyes are harmful, especially if the eye accidentally exposed to 1064 nm wavelength laser, the damage to the eyes may be permanent. Therefore, in foreign countries, completely banned hand-held laser rangefinder 1064 nm laser. In China, some manufacturers also produce 1064 nm laser range finder. For the 905 nm and 1540 nm laser range finder, we called security;'s. For the 1064 nm laser range finder, the **** because of its potentially harmful, so we call it unsafe;'s. Specific models of laser range finder used: hand-held Leica Leica DISTO D3 Laser distance meter Leica Leica DISTO 2D hand-held laser range finder Leica Leica DISTO A53 handheld laser range finder
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