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Hardness conversion formula 1. Rockwell hardness (HRC) = Bo Hardness (BHN) / 10-3 hardness range: HS100 HB500 HRC70 HV1300 hardness is a measure of the degree of soft and hard materials, a performance indicator. Reflects the elasticity, plasticity, strength and toughness of an integrated performance index. Proved: the hardness value is the initial plastic deformation by the plastic deformation resistance and resistance to the decision, the higher the strength of the material, the higher plastic deformation resistance, the higher the hardness value. Brinell hardness HB: cloth upper limit of hardness HB650, is not higher than this value. Brinell hardness of hardened steel ball indenter is HBS or carbide ball HBW, test load varies with the diameter of the ball, from 3000 to 31.25 kg force. Indentation hardness of a larger distributed, measurement standards, do not apply products and thin, generally not attributable to a class of non-destructive testing. Hardness value units distributed, and have a certain tensile strength and the approximate relation. Distributed measurement of indentation hardness needed in diameter with a microscope, and then look-up table or calculated. Rockwell hardness HRA, HRB, HRC: HRB, HRC,. Rockwell C scale of the pressure head of 120 degrees diamond cone angle, the test load for a certain value, the Chinese standard is 150 kg force. Rockwell hardness indentation is very small, localized measurements are required to average the measured points for finished products and thin, attributable to a class of non-destructive testing. Rockwell hardness number is unknown;, no units. Therefore used to refer to the number of degrees Rockwell hardness is not correct. The formula for converting hardness Vickers hardness HV: rubber, plastics Shore hardness HA, HD, such as hardness, said its value against a hard surface the ability to push objects. Leeb hardness Hl, Shore hardness HS belong to rebound hardness test method, the value of the elastic deformation work on behalf of the size of the metal, but reflect the material's elasticity, plasticity, strength and toughness of an integrated performance index. 1.HRC implication is that Rockwell Hardness C scale, 3.HRC scope of HRC 20 - 67, equivalent to HB225 - 650 higher than this range if the hardness with Rockwell Hardness A scale HRA. If the hardness is lower than this range with a Rockwell hardness B scale HRB.
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