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On the characteristics of the modern electric arc furnace, generally summed up as "efficient" and "energy", with the introduction of the concept of green economy, coupled with the "green." In the "progress of the works of contemporary evaluation of electric furnace process," a paper will be reduced to the following characteristics: (1) electric furnace production of Rhythm converter; (2) line of the secondary refining of steel; (3) the solidification process of continuous steel; ( 4) the establishment of a continuous rolling basis in the professional series of products; (5) sustainable development. Better reflects the induction of modern electric arc furnace steel making some of the characteristics and development trends, China has the characteristics of electric arc furnace steelmaking, electric arc furnace steel production in China development. The characteristics of the modern electric arc furnace steel-making electric arc furnace steel-making by the technical characteristics of modern decisions. Modern electric arc furnace with the following five characteristics: (1) the energy of modern electric arc furnace steel-making, there are three, in addition to the traditional power, there are chemical and physical energy. Chemical energy and physical energy more than 50% share, which is energy-saving advantages of modern electric arc furnace is an important factor. (2) modern electric arc furnace smelting process is basically melting the oxidation process, eliminating the conventional reduction of electric arc furnace steelmaking. Restore the traditional electric arc furnace of the task completed by the line of the secondary refining, the beginning of the modern electric arc furnace to become one. The main purpose of using oxygen flux from the traditional electric arc furnace, decarburization and degassing (complete melting of carbon> 0.2%) and into chemical heat, a modern electric arc furnace is an important heat source. As chemical and physical heat of the increased heat, add part of the smelting process using hot metal smelting, power failure can stop oxygen operation. This is because a high proportion of blended with the molten iron, rich in physical heat, there is a converter refining as time can be achieved as no power supply. (3) modern electric arc furnace steel scrap outside the main raw material in addition there are 30 to 40% of the pig iron or DRI / HBI and so on. Pig iron in electric arc furnace steel-making process of the traditional with the general intake of 10 to 15%, mainly used to gas through the reaction of CO and carbon, and modern electric arc furnace steel-making process is mainly used with high-carbon, to increase the chemical heat and physical heat, iron with carbon is the best agent. A factory in Brazil in 1995 before adding 40% of the EAF charge of pig iron, 150 tons of steel in China's Pearl shaft furnace electric arc furnace flue is used for many years 30 to 35% of the pig iron (HBI partly replaced) as a burden, Shaoguan Consteel electric arc furnace of 90 tons of raw materials also used in 30% of the pig iron. In order to increase physical energy, the use of scrap preheating technique has certain advantages, it is more commonly used foreign technology. In modern electric arc furnace steel-making process, including pig iron charge is preheated preheating, taking into account energy consumption, adding some hot metal smelting electric arc furnace is theoretically reasonable. In practice, many of our electric arc furnace capacity of more than 60 tons of hot metal using electric arc furnace plus part of the operation. Add some hot metal smelting electric arc furnace in the metallurgical workers in China's technological development of modern electric arc furnace steel-making contribution, is also in the present situation of electric arc furnace material source an effective measure. Smelting reduction method used instead of blast furnace hot metal hot metal production, resource use and environmental benefit, is a technical progress. DRI / HB as a substitute for pig iron, is conducive to environmental protection, is a technical progress. Of course, what burden structure adopted, it should be taken into account local resources and environment and energy supply, it is more comprehensive measure of charge should be the economy. Against the hot metal in electric arc furnace smelting (including smelting reduction of molten iron) approach, the perspective from the electric arc energy is good, but it also needs to measure the angles from the resources of the integrated economy. (4) modern electric arc furnace steel billet main products are traditional products are electric arc furnace steel ingot. From the perspective of the overall process, the billet suitable for modern electric arc furnace loaded with hot hot delivery, energy-saving effect is obvious. (5) The difference between traditional environmental EAF, electric arc furnace dust enveloped the workshop over the often brown. Modern electric arc furnace pollution control from the end of the development to the source of governance, to achieve a green manufacturing.
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