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Successfully tested a long rolling steel low magnetic steel 45Mn17A13 0 replies,283 views

May 15, a long steel rolling mill rolling 45Mn17A13 four workshops successfully test the success of low magnetic steel 12. 45Mn17A13 low magnetic steel smelting production by the Taiyuan Iron and Steel Corporation, our company rolling mill, the steel used for defense, aerospace and other major infrastructure projects, construction of reinforced concrete building in the body, to prevent electromagnetic interference of a special steel. To ensure the success of 45Mn17A13 low magnetic steel rolling test, the plant held a special meeting specifically on the requirements of the rolling arrangement and deployment, and to develop a detailed rolling program. Technology Division of the pass design and technical personnel, and details the production process of matters that need attention; Safety Division to actively coordinate the organization of production, from billet into the furnace to the finished products, in strict accordance with billet batch number, the standard parameters of production process and to make appropriate records to ensure the 45Mn17A13 low magnetic steel rolling a success. It is reported that Taiyuan Iron and Steel Company outside of the times for processing 45Mn17A13 low magnetic steel, finished size range: 12 ~ 25 9000 (mm), a total of six specifications, about 660 tons.
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