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Multi Strand Wire Rope early failure of the causes and solutions 0 replies,983 views

Multi-stock steel wire commonly used in mines, ports, etc., is repeated by the shares of two or more layers made of twisting, two-strand rope twist adjacent to the contrary. Common failure modes: 1 inner and outer layer and the outer unit loose rope. 1) The excessive production of pre-deformation, when the force, the inner and outer wire diameter will be reduced, the outer part of the shares will not stretch and cause to grow. 2) improper operation, lead to a new twist loose or tight rope twist caused. 2 wire rope production, process parameter adjustments with inner rope properly, will cause the outer than the inner wire rope torque torque, or cause a rotating steel wire rope. 3 inner rope early fracture 1) lining shares worn saddle left in the axial depression, mainly in the outer and inner unit surface contact between the Department shares, stocks and shares to form the wire between the surface of extruded dents will be **** initiation points. 2) The inner and outer telescopic inconsistent rope, wire rope cut out the inner surface of the inner rope force is too large, resulting in the destruction of the inner first. Early failure of measures to solve: 1 Adjust the inner and outer twist rope and rope twist from the appropriate reduced stock shares from the spin torque can be increased, thereby increasing the shares to curb the role of wire rope torque, reduced torque makes the rotation of wire rope . 2 control wire in the inner and outer layers of the deformation rate and the stock torsion angle hit the inner and outer wire rope to make a combined torque tends to zero, the production, the inner angle of the control unit of the twists in the 1080 -1440 , the outer layer shares torsion angle control play in the 360 -540 ; while the inner wire deformation rate of 40% or less, and intends to make a half twist loose the inner state of justice, to have greater flexibility. 3 Select the appropriate adjustment of pre-deformation parameters are reasonable shares outer layer of pre-deformation process, the wire rope in the shares of the pre-helix spiral length and the inherent control in the ratio of the length of 0.95-0.97. 4 filled plastic on multi-unit micro-rotating Wire Rope filled between the inner and outer plastic stock to address the inner steel wire rope fracture.
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