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ThepViet recently built a steel scrap as raw material in electric furnace steel plant, green (with third-continuous casting machines). To August 2007, a new steel plant will be officially put into operation. June 2009, Phase 2 is completed and formally put into operation, with continuous rolling mill has 80t / h production capacity of high-quality bar. The new third-ThepViet steel billet caster, a radius of 8m. Main features are as follows: 1) ladle turret and the weight of the molten steel tundish installed automatic weighing and display systems; 2) tundish nozzle is installed quick-change system; 3) mold simple (only a few components), easy assembly; 4 ) operator-friendly design of the bottom roll; 5) mold install radiation (low-level radioactive energy) automatically open pouring of slab / stop function of a combination of high-tech casting mold level control system; 6) automatic transmission with a pneumatic control panel operating pressure and location of the rapid adjustment; 7) straightening machine for pneumatic operation, the Jiao Zhi pressure by computer control; 8) Rigid dummy bar system for the pneumatic control / operations; 9) high flame cutting machines, with automatic pre-cut length setting function; 10) to send the bridge overhead billet billet can be transmitted automatically to turn cooling bed and packed bed; 11) Flip Step cooling bed and installation of the packed bed bench hydraulic operating system; 12) General Type HM1 management system for the operator-friendly design, the next few years without major changes, will be able to expand capacity and add features. The newly designed continuous casting machine are customer-friendly design, and has many technical advantages and economic advantages. In particular can minimize maintenance costs, without affecting the safety and product quality. In addition, convenient maintenance, no special tools. All electrical and electronic components are a high-tech products. For the continuous casting machine for a lifetime service and provide spare parts, and radiation-type level of modern technology with mold level control system and billet Number printer. Practice confirmed the stability of the mold steel surface or on the slab surface and internal quality greatly. Put into use in the mold level control systems to very simple and secure way to automatically open and stop pouring water and effective leak rate will be pulled down to 0.5%, or even zero. When the mold meniscus distance of about 80mm from the top, the liquid level control system will automatically start pouring, not only can greatly reduce the turbulence of molten steel, and can be used to improve the entire length of the mold and brass mixer activity. Type of radiation sources with low mold level control system and sophisticated surface tester with a direct connection with the scintillation counter. Tester overlapping pulses obtained using a unique technology to ensure fast and stable signal level control access and send. Using open-flow casting, the mold level is very stable. ThepViet steel billets have a package for real-time tracking. Package from the very complex and advanced systems to track the bloom composed of real-time monitoring and recording billet billet production parameters for offline analysis and evaluation in a timely manner. The system will be divided into several virtual slab cross-section of small pieces, in the whole casting process, including small pieces for each virtual cutting line monitoring. The impact of cutting process monitoring from the slab, the system has maintained a small piece of each virtual monitoring, and can be given after cutting accuracy of billet assignment. Therefore, the system finally bloom in the casting of each block to provide the correct information, no matter what reasons and what changes have taken place, the system will, without exception, provide the correct information. Will monitor the receive data storage in data storage systems for off-line analysis, in automatic pouring clearly recorded on the report card average of coagulation parameters and for each piece of the quality of the billet for police records. To this end, the package printer directly connected with the bloom. In order to ensure that all leave the slab continuous casting machine can correctly identify, ThepViet third-rate steel billet caster equipped with a rotating speed printer. This printer is capable of rapid steel environment, safety and quality and quantity print jobs to complete billet. Print printer also has a high efficiency, maintenance workload and so on. Print campaign by the mechanical drive, thus allowing for the actual situation according to the factory to easily print high pressure. All of the drive motor to brushless, you can achieve maximum control accuracy and reliability. Guides and electrical systems completely broken defense and rust invasion billet temperature, can greatly reduce printer maintenance and repair workload.
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