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Converter is divided into consumption of oxygen lance nozzle tip leakage Barrel stick steel, three types of head deformation. The related saving measures: 1 material system 1) to concentrate policy. Slagging materials to meet the standards, composition and stability, especially lime. The main raw material is mainly hot metal composition and temperature to stabilize. When the material changes, the operator must promptly change the *** position, to ensure good process waste products, to improve the *** age. 2) to stabilize the hot metal Si content and temperature. Into the furnace through the fine calculation, strictly control the hot metal, iron and scrap steel into the amount of steel left over to put an end to the purpose of the furnace. 3) to reduce the amount of slag to join. Alkalinity R = 2.8-3.2 according to the rational use of lime in the slag MgO = 7-8% guaranteed between light-burned dolomite control the amount of heat to be completely molten iron ore to adjust. Operation of an oxygen lance 2) correct use of sonar graph of slag reasonable control *** position. Operator at any time during the operation to be able to observe the flame, furnace slag and temperature to determine the situation in order to adjust *** bit and add coolant. 2) oxygen pressure, the oxygen pressure should be strictly prohibited to use a large operation, the oxygen lance nozzle designed to work under pressure to prevent Explorer pressure due to lack of oxygen in the process of blowing more and more low-pressure phenomenon. Combined blowing rock, blowing flow increased to pay attention to the bottom, the top position of the corresponding heightening oxygen blowing ***, in order to early slag, residue of good, less splashing. 3 Nozzle 1) optimize the internal structure. Optimization of nozzle end structure, including shape optimization of pocket water board, the center of the inlet, on the top and bottom of the conductivity under way, the thickness of the bottom end. Meeting room set the entry of water-oriented, choose the right pocket of water shape for the entrance of water and high-speed and water base embossing-side orientation, such as uniform wall thickness is an appropriate end point. 2) improving the bottom end of the nozzle shape. Face oxygen jet hole is to be processed into round holes in the spray zone of the wall and the nozzle axis to be vertical, horizontal direction is the same angle with the oxygen hole. In addition, the bottom side to try to cancel the rounded shape of the transition zone in order to avoid nozzle slag - high temperature combustion of droplets of gold mixture. 3) increasing the circulating water flow rate. Slit width by increasing the water to reduce the diameter of Water boards, control, and export of Water end plate angle parallel to optimize the circulation flow field to promote backwater of vortex flow to avoid the phenomenon, which increases the cooling effect of the nozzle.
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