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One way to improve blast furnace productivity per unit of time within the furnace is more air into the drum and oxygen. But the increase in blast furnace gas to increase buoyancy caused by the increase, this buoyancy even prevented the normal decline in charge, limiting the increase in productivity. If the top pressure increased, the pressure of blast furnace working space have increased, so reducing the size of the gas flow rate decreased, the pressure head loss is decreased, thus contributing to blast along the line, can reduce the suspended material, collapse material, and increase production reduce heat loss units of pig iron and **** consumption. Meanwhile, the top pressure increased, so that between the charge and the gas to accelerate physical and chemical processes to accelerate the reaction 2CO = CO2 + C direction to reduce the volume, favorable gas chemistry can be fully utilized. This is the so-called high-pressure operation, the furnace by the gas pressure is the pressure regulator valve system to control. The resulting gas pressure can not be used, such as, but also resulted in air pollution and noise pollution. In order not to waste furnace top gas pressure and thermal energy, 60 years from the 20th century began to develop the use of top gas energy power generation technology, now widely used in high-pressure blast furnace. The so-called Top TRT TRT is short for turbine. TRT gas from the venturi inlet gas pipe connection after the out, TRT's gas exports and the net after the gas pressure regulating valve head group phase, so the TRT group in parallel with the regulator on the gas pipeline in the net. Within the high-pressure gas expansion in the turbine acting to promote the rotating turbine wheel to drive generators. Axial flow turbine with radial, axial and axial reactionary impulse type 3, in which the quality of small axial-type reaction, and high efficiency. Residual pressure in the recovery of some of the way of energy recovery, recycling and the average recovery of all 3, the average recovery of high power capacity, low investment in equipment, investment recovery period is short, but also to ensure the stability of blast furnace top pressure, China's Baosteel on TRT The average recovery method used. Top pressure according to different electricity per ton of pig iron to 20 ~ 40kWh. If it is dry dust into the gas turbine high temperature turbine efficiency (each increase of the gas temperature of 10 ? turbine output can be increased about 3%), electricity generation increased about 30%.
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