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Advantages and disadvantages of solid wood furniture consumers to discern the guidance of experts 0 replies,6349 views

?Solid wood furniture: natural environment, less expensive and kind of solid wood furniture is made from natural wood, the surface texture is more natural, more comfortable to use, strong and durable. As with plastic less than solid wood furniture and board furniture is more environmentally friendly. This is also a lot of reasons for consumers to choose solid wood furniture. At the same time, solid wood furniture, there are many disadvantages. First, in the production process, the wood selection, drying, finger, patchwork and other requirements are very strict, if not strict procedures, there will be cracking, loose junction phenomena, even whole furniture deformation, can not be used. Second, solid wood furniture, subject to environmental impact, if exposed to moisture during use, easy to deformation, cracking; In addition, solid wood furniture generally can not remove the finished product, not very convenient when moving; again, from the appearance point of view, solid wood furniture, style, relatively simple pattern; In addition, the price is slightly expensive and prohibitive for some consumers. ?Panel Furniture: beautiful and affordable, there are pollution problems of the furniture is the Chinese and the surface density fiberboard or particleboard made of veneer and other technology. Many consumers believe that furniture will be used in the production process adhesives and other materials, so there will be excessive release of formaldehyde and other issues. Zhu Changling explained that the release of small amounts of formaldehyde will not cause harm to ****, when the furniture factory tested, as long as the products meet the relevant standards, consumers can be assured that use. Compared with solid wood furniture, panel furniture greater diversity of style, color and texture changes can give a variety of different feelings; furniture less affected by the environment, will not easily ****, deformation; In addition, the panel furniture parts with commonly used metal hardware, assembly and disassembly are very convenient, high-precision number removal of furniture can be installed; In addition, with solid wood furniture, more civilians than the price of the furniture by the majority of consumers ages. How to maintain the solid wood furniture? Most wood furniture expensive, but after purchase, as many consumers do not know how to care, reducing the service life of solid wood furniture. In fact, we can maintain their good home wood furniture. 1, note that the surface maintenance. Regularly with a soft dry cotton cloth to wipe off the dust the furniture surface. Periodically, use a damp soft cloth to wipe the dust furniture. Wipe down the wood grain as far as possible. 2, to avoid erosion of chemical solvents. Not use alcohol, gasoline or other chemical solvents remove stains. Gently warm tea stains can be removed, etc. After the evaporation of water, apply a little wax, and then gently wipe to form a protective film. 3, to avoid scratch hard objects. Always pay attention not to let the hard metal furniture or other sharp object collision to protect its surface does not appear bumps traces. 4, to avoid too dry, too wet. The dry season, artificial humidification of the measures required to add moisture, such as wiping with a damp soft cloth and furniture; wet season, the furniture can be a thin pad contact areas with the ground separated. 5, away from heat. Winter is best placed in the furniture about 1 meter from the heater where, to avoid prolonged baking, to prevent the occurrence of dry wood, deformation and so on. Hot items directly on furniture to avoid the surface, doing so would undermine the protection of surface paint and furniture wax. 6, to avoid exposure. Solid wood furniture is best not placed in direct sunlight, if you can not avoid direct sunlight, you can use a transparent tulle curtains separated. 7, regular waxing. Best time to time for the furniture wax. Waxing before the surface with a soft cloth, clean the surface after a dip with a small amount of cotton coated with wax polish a large area open, and then a larger circle-shaped, dry cloth blocks by rubbing wax evenly so as not to leave under the traces as the standard. Waxing is not too dense, otherwise it will plug the pores of wood. Solid wood furniture, a clever resolution and asked prices. Chen, general manager of Beijing Century Furniture hundred too, said usually, solid wood furniture, panel furniture than high prices, some even higher 50%. So the price is too low to be careful consumers to buy solid wood furniture. 2, to see patterns. Solid wood furniture is the corresponding pattern lines. Such as a door, looks is a pattern, then the corresponding change in the pattern position in the back door to see a corresponding pattern, if the corresponding well is pure solid wood doors. 3, smell it. Solid wood furniture is not used as adhesives in the production, so there is no irritant smell, but there will be a natural scent of wood; and although the furniture tested and generally do not smell the pungent odor, but there will not be the smell of wood.
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