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China's textile and clothing exports as a big country, after joining the WTO, foreign orders are increasingly more and more stringent requirements, foreign everything possible to use the green technical barriers to restrict China's textile and clothing exports. Improve product quality and color fastness, and take the road of technological innovation, is the only way businesses can take. Here are some commonly used additives to improve color fastness: the activity of acid dyes cotton and nylon, the wet rubbing fastness of less than 2-3 level (national standard), three or more difficult to achieve, regardless of printing, some manufacturers technical standards, all the fastness of the contract written in a grade 3-4 Tianjin. This produces a lot of disputes. Fixing agent currently marketed to three wet rubbing fastness of the very few, usually 2-3 level. Mount commercially available wet mostly wet fastness improver polyethylene emulsion and special amino silicone softener. In use amounted to 50g / L above. Can increase the half-grade wet rubbing fastness. Reported in the literature. Of the polyamines with epoxy and polyurethane prepolymer block copolymer can improve the wet rubbing fastness. The results show that. To prevent contamination by pollutants washing detergent (95 ? lOmin ,2-3g / L), then by fixing agent fixing to ensure that the wet rubbing fastness of up to three, but the quality of commercially available anti-contamination between detergent great. Results vary, the higher the dyeing depth, the better the light fastness, light-colored dye, the light fastness is often substandard. According to foreign materials, the use of electron donor and electron acceptor composed of agents and antioxidants to enhance punishment light fastness, enabling reactive dyes (0.5% owf) dyed material to improve a light fastness, staining for processing. Washing 20 times. The agent also can improve the light fastness of polyester ?nylon fabric fixing one of the thorns, and can bath dyeing with disperse dyes. Using a dual activity of some plant based dyes to improve the fastness of mouth drying. Tests have found that two-Reactive Dyes Reactive Dyes rather than single oral sun fastness lower. Nylon dyed fabrics in the garment factories often cut fillet fight clothing made from a variety of colors, requiring a dark bar on the dye does not stain the white bar soap, white cloth stained with color fastness to reach 4-5. Use of phenol formaldehyde condensation mainly the nylon fixing agent, and there is the issue of free formaldehyde. Use a commercially available formaldehyde-free fixing agent, White City, staining fastness up to 4 level. Active tannin and tartar emetic, and other times fixing agent fixing still not ideal. The use of appropriate polymer materials to meet this requirement. Reactive oxygen bleaching intolerant, limiting its production swimsuit, the daily use of tap water also contains chlorine, it can fade dyes, chlorine capability to customer requirements contaminants. The causes of poor chlorine fastness is the reaction of chlorine with the dye chromophore chain to destroy, was colorless. The need for chlorine fastness to improve absorption of chlorine compounds in a first reaction with oxygen in the dye to prevent dye is destroyed. Fabric after printing when the heat setting. Migration pattern occurred ?edge to white, infiltration of the phenomenon. The reason is dye sublimation. Even the best dye sublimation fastness have this phenomenon. Another is the migration of dyes at high temperatures, dye sublimation is the first gasification, showed a single molecular state and then transferred to white, while the heat transfer is dye aggregates (including single molecule) transfer to the surrounding fibers. This pad dye drying shift similar to swimming. To disperse dyes do not move and do not migrate swimming. Is to make the dye to form larger aggregates, making it difficult to move, polymer additives used to solve the problem.
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