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Definition and characteristics of non-woven fabrics use classification 0 replies,2712 views

Durable, disposable. Insulation, electrical conductivity. Soft, just very sexual. Fine, expansion. Isotropic, anisotropic. Filtration, breathable waterproof. Flexible nature stiffness. Light, loose and warm. Thin as onion skin, thick as carpet. Waterproof and breathable. Ironing, sewing, molding. Flame retardant, antistatic. Permeable, waterproof, wearable, fleece sex. Fold-resistant, flexible, high-moisture, water repellency. Health: surgical gowns, caps, hood, gypsum absorbent cotton, women's sanitary napkins, baby diapers, wet towel, sanitary panties, the dust cover. Agriculture: Harvest cloth, cloth canopy. Industry: floppy disk liners, speaker cloth, filter material, speakers felt insulation, seal ring lining, cable distribution, FRP towels, industrial wipes, anti-vibration pads, insulation materials, tape-based lining, base lining pipe, ventilation pipe, Shapi Bu. Packaging: composite cement bags, luggage interlining, packaging, base lining, is Xu, store bags, mobile jacquard cloth bags. Clothing footwear: clothing lining, flakes, hard-lining toe, heel liner, underwear, man-made deerskin, synthetic leather, shoes, warm lining, cloth backing. Automotive Industry: Textile Waste heat felt isolated, felt shock, canopy, cushion lining, carpets, door linings, automotive filter, forming cushion. Home Lifestyle: insourcing sofa cloth, carpet, wall covering paste, lens cleaning cloth, tea bags, vacuum cleaner bags, shopping bags, printed sheets, entertainment covers, cushions, sleeping bags, dry cleaning cloth, cloth, curtains, tablecloths, shade. Civil engineering, construction: reinforcement, reinforcement, filtration, asphalt felt base cloth, drain, roofing materials, railway, highway, berm, water slope, port noise, sewage, heat, separation, drainage. Other uses: rockets, missiles, heat the cone head, nozzle throat, high printing paper, heat-resistant space shuttle tiles, maps, cloth, calendar cloth, synthetic cloth, canvas.
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