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ACM technology to optimize the use of CNC metal cutting process, improve the processing efficiency. Contour milling about 38% of the province; milling Province about 34%; 3D Milling Province, about 37%; drilling of some 28 time-saving technology to optimize the use of ACM CNC metal cutting process, improve the processing efficiency. Contour milling about 38% of the province; milling Province about 34%; 3D Milling Province, about 37%; drilling saving about 28%. A typical practical application of technology to optimize the characteristics of metal cutting. How to improve the processing of metal-cutting CNC machine efficiency, take advantage of the maximum spindle speed, maximum load and the axis of maximum feed rate, processing materials, cutting the amount of changing of the workpiece, while the spindle machine tools and automatic protection system to protect the more expensive import tool, which has more and more end users and machine tool manufacturers one of the concerns. ACM OMAT Israel's control system is adaptive control in order to meet this requirement, from a control perspective to address the issues of the ideal. OMAT company Siemens 840D CNC system ACM as an important option that can provide multiple versions of the forms, externally mounted ACM device, software-integrated ACM, PC card hardware and software unit of hardware and software hybrid hybrid ACM and ACM. Among them, the first software and hardware devices are made in the ACM, external wiring and more, but not numerical control system and the spindle drive limit, mainly for the old system and the ACM can not install integrated systems for machine tools. 2, 3 ACM is software-based system, with little or no external wiring, but the numerical control system by non-export restrictions, requiring high system software version is currently exported to the country in the 840D system is difficult to achieve. Therefore, we cooperate with companies in the selected OMAT 4 versions of the ACM system. Cell hybrid hardware and software of the ACM ACM system works system consists of three parts (Figure 1). Figure 1 unit hardware and software system, ACM ACM hybrid control unit: digital output to the 840D system, NCU, OMAT analog input signal from the power sensor module. ACM spindle power signal measurements collected by CNC SINUMERIK RS232 serial port and the PC part of the communication. ACM real-time control software: integrated microprocessor control unit in the ACM. ACM User Interface screen: Windows graphical user interface for configuring and monitoring the process of adaptive control. ACM is a real-time adaptive control systems, real-time sampling spindle load changes, thus automatically adjust the machine feed rate to the best value. Real time monitoring and recording the spindle cutting load, the feed rate of change, tool wear, and other processing parameters, and output graphics data to the Windows graphical user interface. These data also can be stored in the hard disk for later reference archive. Installation and Commissioning 1. Hardware installation schematic shown in Figure 2, the spindle power by OMAT LA55-P current transformer measurement, power converter amplified by the ACM 9-pin plug input to the control unit; feed override digital input signal input to the PLC module; ACM control unit and PCU50 (user interface) from the RS232 serial communication link. There are also the following control signals: ACM activated input signal to the PLC; ACM fails to maintain the signal feed; and PLC have reset the alarm so that ACM ACM RESET signal. Figure 2 Schematic 2. PLC programming software (1) Download OMAT standard PLC control program to call FB30 in OB1: CALL FB30 "OMAT_CYCLIC FB" ACMFEEDOUT: = IB40 / / feed from the ACM override signal ACMFEEDOUT: = I40.6 / / from ACM, the feed to maintain the alarm signal ACMFEEDOUT: = I40.7 / / activation of the signal from the ACM ACMFEEDOUT: = T10 / / delay signal from the activation of ACM (2) local modification of Siemens standard MCP (machine control panel) management sub- program FC19: U DB50.DBX11.0 "OMAT_CYCLIC FB_IDB". ACMALARMOUT / / PLC alarm signal R ?# MST_Inp23 [0] "NC_STOP" / / Stop the NC (3) programming the alarm text NC program (Program Brief) (4) modify the machine parameters: MD12030 OVER_FACTOR_FEEDRATE [23] = 1.3 MD12030 OVER_FACTOR_FEEDRATE [24] = 1.4 MD12030 OVER_FACTOR_FEEDRATE [25] = 1.5 3. ACM graphical user interface PC software installation (1) in F:> \ OEM OPMS to create a new directory (2) the following files on the floppy OMAT copyed the new directory F:> \ OEM \ OPMS OPMS.MDI OPMS.ZUS (3) copies of the file 025_GR.DLL and 025_UK.DLL to the F:> \ OEM \ LANGUAGE; open the file RE_GR.INI and RE_UK.INI insert statement: HSKT = "OMATIVE ACM" (4) open the F:> \ OEM under file REGIE.INI insert statement: TASK = NAME: = OPMS, TimeOut = 6000 (5) copies OPMS.INI to the F:> \ OEM; copy OPMS.EXE to the F:> \ HMI_ADV (6) After the installation restart Siemens HMI. OMAT ACM system running the main screen Figure 3 ACM ACM PC software installed, the main menu in the Siemens 840D system to increase the soft key called OMAT ACM, ACM Press this key to enter the main screen (see Figure 3) The main screen displays the following information. ACM operation mode, choose one of 3 ways. Status monitoring, overload, operation, spindle, online / offline, etc. status. Spindle power and feed rate curve and the real value. Currently running, reference number, part number, start processing time, run time-consuming, time-consuming cutting jobs, saving with time (%), the minimum feed rate (%), the maximum feed rate (%), the current override value (%). ACM mode: ACM start / stop mode: H by NC program features automatic or manual start / stop operation. Input cutting parameters: cutting parameters such as tool type, number of teeth, workpiece material, cutting the amount (depth) and velocity can be manually (Preset) or learning (Learn) and automatically record of cutting parameters, and then after learning (by learn) mode in accordance with the recording parameters, monitor machine operation. ACM Run: Feed control: ACM continuous measurement of the spindle load and automatically adjust the feed rate in real time, overload alarm is issued to stop machine. Monitoring methods: ACM continuous measurement of the spindle load but does not adjust the feed rate, there are two control modes to choose from - the maximum load control or load tolerance monitoring. Event recording: In this mode, only the dynamic ACM cutting data stored in the system memory, not to output processing. OMAT ACM characteristics and effects of non-traditional metal cutting tools fault detection and control, tool wear monitoring by the manual, inefficient, and OMAT ACM adaptive control technology on the traditional processing technology posed a challenge to optimize metal cutting CNC machining process improve the processing efficiency. Typical Application Statistics: Profile milling about 38% of the province; milling Province about 34%; 3D Milling Province, about 37%; drilling saving about 28%. And has the following protection functions: milling fault protection (alarm and shut down to prevent damage to the workpiece and the follow-up tool); deep hole drilling tool fault protection (alarm and shutdown); tool wear monitoring (digital display wear); spindle overload protection (alarm or downtime). It is unique because OMAT ACM adaptive control technology, the practical results are obvious, many famous foreign companies such as Siemens AG, Turbinenwerke, Chevron Aerospace, Boeing, General Electric, Mitsubishi Motors, Toshiba GE, and Toyota Motors and other companies have been widely used and achieved significant results. Jiaotong University, Kunming Machine Tool Technology Co., Ltd. and Israel OMAT companies, successfully mixed elements of hardware and software installed in the ACM system integration products, horizontal machining center machine THM4680 840D system, also made a comparative experiment Omo cutting the workpiece, the cutting efficiency increased by about 33%. ACM quantitative control of the machine load and the tool, spindle security features, enables the operator to assure the maximum full load use of machine tools, machine tool without getting hurt. This applies in particular face cutting, processing steel and other hard materials, mold processing, deep hole drilling, the use of expensive imported tools and other users. Domestic aviation, textiles, home appliances and other industries are well-known companies are the first to use the product after another. I believe that with CNC machining technology, high-speed cutting and other advanced metal processing concept in the popularization and application of domestic enterprises, adaptive processing technology will be widely applied.
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