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1 Introduction of modern marine equipment systems increasingly high performance, modular structure. Marine Engine Room Monitoring System in ocean-going vessels is a necessary system, and its relationship to ocean-going vessels is safe, reliable operation. 1 Introduction It is becoming increasingly modern ships high performance equipment systems, modular structure. Marine Engine Room Monitoring System in ocean-going vessels is a necessary system, and its relationship to ocean-going vessels is safe, reliable operation. It can reliably and accurately monitor the cabin of running a variety of power equipment and operating parameters. Operating equipment failure, can automatically audible alarm and the alarm print records. It also periodically print the relevant operating parameters tab. Cabin in the automation equipment running status, operational parameters and fault alarm are focused on the control room monitor screen, the engineers do not have to go visit the cabin, can be learned in a centralized control room operational status of all equipment and parameter values, which can reduce the labor intensity of engine management to improve working conditions, to detect the operation of equipment failures, improve equipment reliability. Therefore, this article introduces the PLC-based control of ocean-going ship engine room monitoring system, and developed a **** configuration environment. 2, ocean-going ship equipment system introduced by the host system, the purifier systems, oil tanks systems, air compressor systems, steering systems, boiler systems, waste oil incinerators, generators, emergency generator systems and subsystems of the pump and other equipment Each device is running 24 hours a day, such as host, the host system is the heart of the ship, the host must ensure that during the voyage, reliable, stable operation. During this period, the monitoring system requires time to monitor the speed of the host system, cooling water temperature, fuel temperature, the import and export, import and export of oil temperature, exhaust temperature, and the host, these parameters are related to 4-20mA, 600 ?and the temperature signal over the temperature below 600 ?signal, signal a wide range, increased system complexity. Framework of the system shown in Figure 1. Figure 1, the composition engine room alarm system to monitor various types of sensors (switch ,4-20mA, PT100, heat resistance, etc.) collecting various kinds of signals, and stop these signals into the display unit (PC LCD), in the display display the current value of each monitoring channel; once occurred more limited monitoring the situation the alarm signal is sent to Yan Shen alarm control unit, printing unit and the alarm recording control unit, which unit can instantly print print record of each parameter value alarm ; alarm control unit and start the engine room control room speakers, to draw the engine management; the same time, starting Yanshen alarm device, and in public places, the chief engineer room, rooms, and so the output duty engineer sound and light alarm signals; on the bridge alarm monitor as there are sound and light tips on the output. Main power and emergency power supply with self-test function; in the event of an alarm system, you can answer in the control room, muffler eliminate flash. 3 sets of hardware implementation of the monitoring system including the host of a 14-cylinder, three generators, a boiler, a burning furnace, two sets of the main air compressor and a steering operation parameters and parameter detection and alarm display , and other equipment operating status indication. 118 were detected, the system analog, 128 switch. To do this using the S7-200CN PLC 226 controller as a total system and to expand 7 16I / O ?EM223 CN digital modules, analog acquisition module and the PLC with Advantech ADAM pass through 485; monitoring study using PC China embedded computer UNO-2160, by way of the formation of a PPI network to achieve real-time monitoring of engine room equipment. The system architecture diagram, shown in Figure 2. Figure 2 Marine Engine Room Monitoring System Based on PLC frame diagram of the system in the monitoring and alarm work, the amount of all switch modules are the Siemens S7-200CN PLC expansion module EM223 CN gathering input, the amount of three types of analog 4-20mA, 600 ?temperature above signal and the temperature below 600 ?ADAM collected by the input signal, through the 485 bus into the Siemens S7-200CN PLC, the PLC in a centralized manner, and then sent to the host computer and other equipment, such as lights, speakers and so on. In addition, the external button to send orders through the Siemens S7-200CN PLC to issue control commands, start, stop various types of pumps and other appropriate equipment. As an ocean-going vessels is essential to run the system, the main with the following features: (1) failure alarm: when the system failure is detected, the system audible and visual alarm, in response, the system stops the sound output, light plain; eliminate alarm, the indicator light off. (2) Data display and alarm indication: the software interface in the system can access the current values of the parameters to be monitored and displayed in different colors or not the normal parameters. (3) Print record: record of an alarm system connected with the printer, when an alarm, the system also starts the printer, print the current alarm, easy access to engine management, and log records. (4) Delay Alarm: When the temperature or level of production such as alarm, the system delays a few seconds, the alarm output, easy to false alarms. (5) Locking Alarm: This function is used to repair the system, can a single check. (6) extension alarm: alarm information system can be extended to all engineers room, the alarm information sent to the appropriate engine management. (7) negligence alarm: When an alarm, not the engineers for some time to answer, the system will have a full boat alarm to alert staff on duty dereliction of duty. (8) function tests: the system has a self-test function. 4 monitoring system software in the Siemens S7-200CN PLC control logic implemented in flow chart shown in Figure 3. Marine Engine Room Monitoring System Figure 3 control logic flow chart of system **** uses the Windows platform and development environment in the configuration under the king realized. King has a visual configuration interface, a rich library, a highly flexible movie connections; have full script and graphic animation capabilities as part of the screen can be saved for later analysis or printing variable import and export functions, support real-time, historical data stored powerful scripting language distributed processing, full support for the screen releases, real-time data publishing, publishing and database of historical data to facilitate the release of the data processing recipe, rich device support library, support the common PLC equipment, intelligent instruments intelligent module features. The system software has the following functions: (1) parameter list shows, in sequence or group shows all parameters of the cabin entry. Including the parameter number, name, current value, units, the upper limit, lower limit, and alarm status. And can scroll off the continuous display. (2) chart shows the parameters to the virtual instrument displays the master / auxiliary relevant parameters. About the host of the exhaust temperature, cooling water temperature; have auxiliary generators on the pressure and temperature. (3) curve shows the relevant parameters in real time and historical points describe the curve, in which real-time curve over time in the interface description of the value of a corresponding curve; and history curves allow the operator can always see a parameter in the past 2 days, change the parameters that can be reproduced within 2 days of their working conditions. (4) police inquiry function that occurs when a more limited alarm monitoring points, the system automatically pop-up alert window, and query in the window to the monitoring points in the relevant circumstances. (5) user management, a total of three types of users of the system, namely, the system administrator user, the chief engineer the user and operator customers. One system administrator user is given the old track maintenance operations such as use of company management level, the largest of its operating authority, the user can set the chief engineer and operator users, modify the relevant parameters, such as the alarm on the floor; chief engineer of the user is to ship the old rail operating, the operating authority for the second, the parameters can be modified; operator the user is a general duty to a ship engineer to use, it can not modify the parameters and set the user permissions minimum.
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