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China Simfect (the department of Hunan) is 's premiere professional advertising marketing consulting agency. Our advertising reach in is one of the best in the business, with dedicated teams working for both international and local clients across a broad spectrum of industries. Top level strategy, events and design help make sure that your message breaks through the clutter of Chinese advertising. We are also provide professional language and business service.



 If we said that international trade is a farm, solving business problems and disputes timely is the herbicide, and providing accurate and excellent marketing environment is the fertilizer.



Solve business problem, such as: Urge money or goods, Transport problem, Apply to Customs and Entry Inspection, etc.


Supply many kinds of services. Such as: Tour guiding, Car renting, Help purchasing, Book hotel and Buy ticket, etc.



We can provide all kinds of business services, if you need more detailed information, please call or e-mail contact us.



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