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Hello! I try also to do some export business, as an agent, for the first time . The supplier (in Europe) provides me with EXW (Ex Works) prices, and I must now provide this (+ % commission) to a customer who is in Asia. But I fell that this will probably not be useful since it doesn’t include Cost, Insurance and Freight. So how to calculate the CIF prices? I believe that the (CIF) difference must be important between a product manufactured in Europe and deliver in Europe and the same product manufactured in Europe and deliver in Asia, isn’it?


Is a FOB price “usually” good enough for a buyer, or is it usually mandatory to provide CIF? What is the most common practice?


Other question: The supplier wrote: I send to you our price list in EXW, normally the FOB cost for one bid in Barcelona port is Around 900 Euros


Does it mean that I have to add (around) 900 Euros to each order (whatever the quantity) to get the FOB price? What is exactly a “bid”?


Again I suppose that “the FOB cost for one bid” is different if the product has to be delivered in Europe or if it has to be deliver in Asia? So what are the 900 Euros about, reference to a delivery place should be mentioned, no? Or maybe the FOB doesn't take into account the delivery place...

My questions are basic for most of the reader, but one has to start…


Thank You




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Re: Beginner agent (how to calculate CIF price)

hello, Kelte,

The problem you met is quite common. And you need to find the forwarders both in the place you purchase the goods and the place you export the goods to. They will calculate the freight and other possible charge for you. But you should be more careful if the supplier give you the EXW price. As you have to calculate many kinds of cost into your total cost, or it would be very likely to let your benefit gone.

To help you calculate the CIF price, I need concrete data, or you may assume the example with data availbale to calculate. Otherwise, it is quite hard to explain this.

If you don't mind, you can tell me more about it, I will try to give you some advice and other things you should be concerned.

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Re: Beginner agent (how to calculate CIF price)

How to calculate CIF Price?????

Please tell me how to do that, I need all method from A To Z.



Re: Beginner agent (how to calculate CIF price)
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Re: Beginner agent (how to calculate CIF price)
CIF=cost, insurance, and freight
Re: Beginner agent (how to calculate CIF price)
[em2]CIF price just need add the freight and insurance , it's based on FOB price .
Re: Beginner agent (how to calculate CIF price)
Here is the best way to calculate CIF CIF Total Price=(FOB Unit Price * Quantity + Total Freight Fee)/[1-(1 + Plus Margin of Insurance) * Premium Rate] Now if you know the ingredients, then of course you can cook. Let me know if this help you.
Re: Beginner agent (how to calculate CIF price)

How to Calculate CIF Price, If I am from India and goods deliver to nigeria.






How to get CIF price from forwarders?

Hello everybody,


Now it's clear for me that CIF price equals to COST, INSURANCE and FREIGHT.


What I would like to know is how to get in contact with the forwarders so they can give me the CIF price, becaus here in Alibaba the only prices I see available are the FOB prices.


I'm new at this and I'd like to purchase a certain product but how do I know what price to add (CIF) to the FOB price I already see in the supplier's quotation.


I hope you can help me with this. Thank you very much.


Ana Lucia.

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