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On-Line Marketing only good if you do good communication ! 0 replies,466 views

Do not foolish yourself,

act 1. Doing marketing is not doing sales
act 2. On line means that you are steady for communication.
act 3. Communicative is that you know what you are talking about,
         that you could understand the query and answer it informatively.

For just a picture, doing marketing is like a master plan of business,
whilst the sales or selling is just part of marketing-activity.

As for the online service, it is like receptionist of  the 4 Stars hotel,
for instance: 24 hours service for reservation, Information, etc
so, if you or your web is doing online, meaning that it would response
to any inquiry and or Information request, promptly. therefore if you are
not in the position for that, let us give it to B2B portal to do it for You.
in fact, this is what Alibaba had done so far, manage the online service.
Only a few of the members are knowing it. far away beyond

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