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Man from Cameroon who have tel number +23775866542 and +23799008141 is a big scramer.he have a lot of commpany registred on alibaba for sell diamond(KAYZEE/DIAGOLD,WALKING DIAMONDS and many more),.I byu and payd with western union one rough diamond but I did not get it.


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Re: Diamond scramer from Cameroon
yes he is one big scamer. gouse by many names - Smith Nychong, Frncis Jong, Walters Teba and many others  - DONT WAST YOUR TIME TALKING TO THIS THIEF!!!!!
Re: Re: Diamond scramer from Cameroon
Be very carfeul to buy Cameroon Rough diamonds It seems to be that over 60% of the persons and companys are fake ones. Here you can find a small list who are 100% fake They want western union, You will never get anything ... just promises and many problems that need you to send more money FRANCIS JONG, Ngala Bless, Rofia Mohamed, Mr. Willy J, Mr. sulemanu douada, Mr. Tim Smalto, Mr Brat Peters, Mr Walter Nchong, Alia Lengt, Mr. Williams G, Mr Jeff FG, Diamond lord LTD. Congo stones LTD, Rofia Mohamed LTD, Petrodia LTD, Mohamed Diamonds LTD Congodiamonds LTD, Landiamonds LTD +23799073409 this is just a short List !!! Be honest Cameroon does not have any diamond mine. The diamonds are not certified and not legal !!!
Re: Diamond scramer from Cameroon
I 100% agree with you also the Diamond collector in Limbe
Re: Diamond scramer from Cameroon
samarian ltd also is a con. a mr nuvella patrick. same old pay this and when gets to crunch customs stop and they require 900 dollars. My advise would be go with namibia. seem to be more genuine
Re: Re: Diamond scramer from Cameroon
Well has anybody bought diamonds from africa at a good price without being scammed? I've also spoken to a cameroon seller that seemed like a blatent scam, whats the name of the namibian seller?
Re: Diamond scramer from Cameroon
its diamonds, not any other things. one of the rarest elements and precious element of the earth. and please keep your a red whenever you hear the CHEAP price. its never a cheap

and this people always have D, E, and F color..that too as big as from 7 carat to 50 carats...and they sell at USD 500 a stone...its possible..ofcourse not..

i am diamond merchant, we know well its impossible to determine price without seeing the size, shape, color, clarity and finally what quality stone we will finally get as polished...normally if polished stone is worth USD1000, rough should be nearly USD350 to USD 400, but there are no hardcore rules, Four C's cut...clarity...carat...and colors..are main importance.

in life there are no short cuts,,,money is always earn hardway....either by physical efforts or mental it....


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