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Quick Check of a Potential Fraud Compnay 7 replies,1627 views


huodle Trade Co.,Ltd

I almost have a transaction dealing with them on a clothes import

However before payment i tried to search around for their existence.

they have a site at the following

However their link on Alibaba is not found

and they keep insisting to pay via TT/Moneygram/WU

and when i say i want to pay via paypal, they were relentant but agree when i put services .

Anyone has the same experience ?

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Quick Check of a Potential Fraud Compnay
Do you know, that you want deal with a "Xiamen" counterfeit seller ?

Your change to receive paid merchandise is 5% !
80% failure qoute because of Chinese or Singapore customs will seize counterfeits and
15% failure qoute because they can or will probably not deliver !

Alibaba has them meanwhile deleted !

Re: Quick Check of a Potential Fraud Compnay
Hi, i am indeed interested to purchase the counterfeit products as they are solution to the higher priced items

is there a place or method i can do to purchase the product, maybe when they are shipped from a differet location or smth ?
Quick Check of a Potential Fraud Compnay
For a, in the normal understanding illegal business, you should contact the chinese community in Singapore, they have this business in their hands and will surely not
allow a newcomer to eat a part of the cake without their participation !

Re: Quick Check of a Potential Fraud Compnay
Did you make any deal with them.I am triyng to buy som items from them contact person name sharon.
Re: Quick Check of a Potential Fraud Compnay

did u finally place the order with them and got the goods or not..? i am also dealing with Sharon and about to place an order..? please provide your feedback..?

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I have purchased from huodle several times, and I have sent thousands of dollars at one time, and I have always gottn my merchandise. I have always had to send Money Gram or Western Union. At first I was scared so I made a 200.00 purchase to see if I would get my things:) then my order kept getting higher, now im ordering in the thousands. I love my product,
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Could someone tell me if this company is legit and if these are authentic items as i am looking at putting a order through for Cha, Prad bags.

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