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Reply # is one of the popular B2B companies from India that brings the Indian manufacturers and suppliers to the international front. The demand for Indian goods is growing at a fats pace and this b2b portal is of great help in taking these goods from different categories to the world. Business buyers from more than 220 countries have the opportunity to use this trade portal and search for quality products from India.
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Re: Top 10 B2B websites
thank you for your infomation. I will try them. .[em16]
Re: Top 10 B2B websites
noted down, thank you
Reply # good post
I listed my company name D&D(HK)International Technology Limited and website on tradekey . it get very positive feed back
Re: Top 10 B2B websites
Thank you very much for sharing the information. It's very useful ,but we need work hard to update the products on website also :)
Sara Guo
Re: Top 10 B2B websites
thanks,now i need a good B2B website urgent,except Alibaba.
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Tech Gate Technologies Pvt.Ltd. is an Software and Web Development specialist that combines the definite bottom-line benefits of with its recognized expertise in strategic global models that help it in providing reliable Software and Web Development Solutions.
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The list is 2 years old now. Any changes? :) Anyway, anyone using and To me both of them look old school. TB does not have photos and has only a 30-day trial membership.
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Global b2b marketplace : . Join free

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