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[em3]Top 10 B2B Portals





I put this non well-known b2b website on the first one, because this site not only allow customer post their products and company profiles for free (limited to 58 products free posting), also this site’s data open directly to thousands other search engines, i.e. Google, Yahoo, Baidu, … so many other search engines, that means, your products could be get much more exposures to your potential customers than other even 10 or 20 B2B portals you post on. And it is totally free; no credit card needed when you sign up.





 This is the largest B2B portal in the world; you can put 50 products on it for free. Enough products and companies on it. Compare to, its data not open to other search engines. Only customers of can get you products information.



3, http://


It is a good place to find OEM companies in China. This is NO1 or NO 2 hot B2B portal in China. It’s weakness same as, data not open to other search engines.





Recently raised B2B websites, original from Saudi Arab, but right now it not allowed free member post their products anymore. The early free members allowed have 20 free trade offers only, you can update, but if you deleted one, that means you have 19 free trader offer left.




This site originally from the United States, allowed register ID for free. Good flow in Europe, if your market or you want open new market in Europe or North American, it is good to use. Customers allowed send only 10 messages in one month. If you have a small business, it is a good help.





This site created by a Korean, main market is in China. We tried to register when we started the B2B sites research, but when it ask me put the code of my email address, I refused, unfortunately, I was turn down by this company. We tried to sign in, it always shown Unregister ID, recently we get several email from this site. We really lost interesting, there is a with an open data system, somebody want do free trade, really have no worry.





Created in China, it data system allied to several data pool, than means customer customers can get extra exposure when you have data on this site.




It is a good and big B2B portal, but register and get approved is very hard.




Created in India, 70% customers are in India, it is a good place to do the India market.




It has a very big data base system of Asia; it is a excellent place to find your customers or your potential partners from Asia.




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Top 10 B2B websites
[em2] that'll be very helpful!

my question is, is that a good way to post your products online as much as you can?

What if I post all my products on these 10 websites?
Top 10 B2B websites
tks. for your imformation
Re: Top 10 B2B websites
another one you all need to add


Re: Top 10 B2B websites
Re: Top 10 B2B websites
i think Alibaba is the best platform i am working on it since 4years as a Gold member and i found very positive business around the years.
Re: Top 10 B2B websites

thanks ,i like it

Re: Top 10 B2B websites
hi all, i like why? becouse unlimited products posting [em7]
Re: Top 10 B2B websites
thanks for your sharing.
Re: Top 10 B2B websites
Thanx! Very useful information - I'l check some others B2B sites than Alibaba.
Re: Top 10 B2B websites
I've tried to sign up to soldouteasy but it says my email is not valid.
What does it mean? It's my everyday-use mail!

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