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Country/Region: Hungary Forum Nick Name and ID: gbathori

Slogan: Trade is the blood circulation of the world

1. Sourcing, market research, purchasing and procurement activities for 7 years
2. Logistics and shipping management
3. Practical and legal aspects of foreign trade
4. Third-party business services


About Gabor Bathori:
My name is Gabor Bathori, born in 1977. I learned Foreign Trade Administration in secondary school, and have college degrees in English and Economy Analysis.

My choice of profession has always been Foreign Trade, so I always tried to find employment at import-export trading companies. My first experience came at the age of 15-16 when my father started our family-run business after the changes in Eastern Europe allowed free enterprise in our country. I managed business correspondences, translation and business negotiations for my father because I was the only one in the family who could speak foreign languages (English, German and now a little Chinese). Most of what I know and use today was learned during this time.

Since then, I have been working mainly as a purchasing/logistics/sourcing manager at various companies. I am now familiar with various product groups, such as unique promotion products, textiles, special construction supplies, power tools and welding machines, steel processing equipment and parts, food retail and more. I am accustomed to fast sourcing and calculation, as most of my clients and employers demand really quick solutions for their purchasing needs, sometimes within hours.

I am now self-employed and run my father’s company. I import pneumatic tools and equipment, and continue to seek export and import opportunities for further business.

My personal opinion is that trade is the blood circulation of civilization. Trade is the art of balancing the interests of parties in order to get a solution that is favorable to both sides. Therefore, trade can be considered the opposite of war, where people are willing to sacrifice their own interests to negate those of the other party. As long as there is trade, there is peace.

1. College: International Economy Analyst
2. Profession: Foreign Trade Administration
3. Languages: Hungarian, English, German, Chinese
4. Teacher of English language and Foreign Trade

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Ask International Trading Expert - Gabor Bathori
Mr. Bathori /gbathori

Can you please have your expertise .
How would you operate /market your laison office in PAKISTAN with the internet technology available at our Corporate office in USA.
How should we go about applying this to increase our Revenues for shareholders.

Should you need any further information from us,we will be plaesed to provide.

We are not sure we can provide email address here.

Should you need email to us


Jay Mall

Re: Ask International Trading Expert - Gabor Bathori
You will definitely need secure and reliable internet connection, staff with good English and also you should consider the business hours and the time difference in the USA. Otherwise the process should not be much different from that in other countries. I must admit I am not very knowledgeable on marketing financial products - indeed I am personally quite mistrusted towards such offers - so possibly you could get more valid replies in the Sales&Marketing and the Payment&Finance forums.

c[ ]
Re: Ask International Trading Expert - Gabor Bathori
As long as there is trade, there is peace---------[em19] i like this sentence. Is this your own words? I'd like to make this as my signature.
Re: Re: Ask International Trading Expert - Gabor Bathori

Your words mean a lot.  Trade is the blood circulation of civilization. As  long as there is trade, there is peace. Nice and meaningful. All the process of our life is a processof promotion, promoting ourselves, promoting civilization..., which we can gain growth and keep moving on.  World becomes more friendly becasuse of trade.  Trade becomes more valuable beacasue of civillization.

Hope can learn from you and learn from each other.

My skype ID: serenalillian


Re: Ask International Trading Expert - Gabor Bathori
i am admire you .you are very good.
Re: Ask International Trading Expert - Gabor Bathori
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Re: Ask International Trading Expert - Gabor Bathori
I am very worried about my work .there is no one for my product .we are manufacturer of rera metal , why not no inquiry?
can you help me ? would you please give me some advice ?
my email is
wait for your reply!
thank you very much
Re: Ask International Trading Expert - Gabor Bathori
Re: Ask International Trading Expert - Gabor Bathori
Hello Gabor, I would like aks you somethink. Im from Czech Republik and I have chance buy phones from UK, but price is too low like usuall. They want 300usd per three Nokia N96 and 1 unit has been given to me free. It is very unusually. Could you advise me, what can Ido ? Thank you Radek Malosek
Re: Ask International Trading Expert - Gabor Bathori

Hi,glad to see that "Trade is the blood circulation of the world."You are completely right,without trade the world will be still.That's terrible.I applaud for this slogan.I've got to know u have expertise of sourcing,could you kindly tell me how to find and follow the exact customer?We-sunel transformer co.,ltdmanufacture and export dry/oil type transformer for 12 years, with the customers of Siemen,Schneider,Yaskawa,Fuji etc..Me,as a new seller in this industry,feel a little bit confused.If you would give me some suggestion,that will be very appreciated.Thanks.

Thanks & Best regards!


Julie jin


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