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Household appliances in the home and similar means used in a variety of electrical appliances.  Also known as consumer electronics, household electrical appliances.  The United States is the birthplace of household appliances.  1879 TA Edison invented incandescent U.S., creating a household electricity era.  Early 20th century, the United States invented the electric iron E. Richardson market, prompting other appliances have been brought forth.  Vacuum cleaners, electric washing machines, compressor-type refrigerators, ranges, air conditioners, automatic washing machines came into being.  80 19th century, Edison effect of the existence of electromagnetic waves discovery and experimental validation for the electronics to create the conditions for the birth.  The early 20th century, Britain and the United States have invented the first generation of electronic devices - tubes.  Superheterodyne receiver came in 1919, created the conditions for the development of radio.  1923 to 1924, the United States VK Ziwo Lei Jin Faming the camera tube and the tube, assembled in 1931, the world's first fully electronic television system.  The beginning of 1954, the U.S. color television broadcasting.  Magnetic (steel) tape recorders and tape recorders are successively in 1898 and 1935 came out in the Netherlands, Philips invented the cassette tape in 1963, based on the rapidly growing popularity of cassette tape recorders.  The invention of integrated circuits, microelectronic technology to enter the era of electronic technology to make home appliances to a new level.

 Classification of household appliances in the world has not yet unified.  However, according to the product's features, uses the more common categories, divided into 8 categories.  ` refrigeration appliances.  Including household refrigerators, cold drinks machines.  a air conditioner.  Including room air conditioners, electric fans, ventilation fans, hot and cold air, air dehumidifiers and so on.  b cleaning appliances.  Including washing machines, dryers, electric irons, vacuum cleaners, floor waxing machine.  c kitchen appliances.  Including electric range, microwave oven, induction cooker, electric oven, electric cooker, dishwasher, electric water heaters, food processing machines.  d Heater with.  Including blankets, quilt, electric clothes, space heaters.  e cosmetic care appliances.  Including electric shavers, hair dryer, hair, ultrasonic wash, electric massage, air negative ion generator.  f audio-visual appliances.  Including television sets, radios, tape recorders, video recorders, cameras, music centers and so on.  g other appliances, such as smoke alarms, bells and so on.


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Great stuff! Thanks for sharing Adabaker, Here are some care and cleaning tips for house hold appliances.
1. Immediate cleaning is necessary after every use.
2. Spilled food must not be allowed to dry.
3. Warm soapy solution should be used for cleaning.
4. The burners and the rubber pipe should be periodically checked and cleaned.
5. If it operates on electricity, care should be taken to see that it is properly earthed, to avoid receiving shocks.

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