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Overview of carbonated drinks
Main ingredients include carbonated drinks: carbonated water, citric acid, sugar, spices, and some contain ****, artificial colors and so on. In addition to sugar added to give the body energy, the inflatable "carbonated beverages" in almost no nutrients.

**** and other carbonated beverages loved by everyone, especially the "young family" and the children's favorite. But health experts have warned that drinking carbonated beverages to pay attention to a "degree."

Over to drink carbonated drinks, which may change the body of high phosphate of calcium and phosphorus ratio. The researchers also found that drinking carbonated beverages but the amount compared to the excessive consumption of carbonated drinks increased risk of bone fractures about 3 times; in intense physical activity while drinking carbonated drinks in another quantity, the fracture may also increase the risk of 5 times.

Experts advise, childhood, adolescence is an important period for bone development. During this period, large amount of kids activities. If the food intake of high calcium phosphorus imbalance, coupled with too much to drink carbonated drinks, they have enough attention. Because it not only the amount of peak bone may have a negative impact, but also may give future, paving the way osteoporosis.

Therefore, everything had to be a "degree." Once over the "degree", and then there are foods rich in nutrients and may become hazardous or extra material, adverse ****; Secondly, a certain amount of calcium added in due course, but also reduce the body calcium - phosphorus ratio imbalance.

Definition and classification of carbonated drinks
Commonly known as soft drinks carbonated drinks, is sufficient under certain conditions, carbon dioxide gas into the soft drinks. As a traditional soft drinks, carbonated drinks varieties, with cool Jieshu, add water features. Carbonated beverages are divided into five categories:

1, fruit juice carbonated drinks. Refers to the original fruit juice content of not less than 2.5% of the carbonated beverages;

2, fruit-based carbonated beverages. Refers to the fruit flavor Fu food flavor as the main flavoring agent, the original fruit juice content of less than 2.5% of the carbonated beverages;

3, cola carbonated beverages. That contains caramel color, flavor or similar cola cola nuts and fruit flavor, spicy, fruity flavor of the carbonated drink mix;

4, low-calorie carbonated drinks. Refers to the sweetener instead of sugar in whole or in part of the various types of carbonated drinks and soda water, heat below the 75kJ/100mL;

5, other carbonated drinks. That contain plant extracts or fruit flavor of the food flavor agent and added to Hong Fu after the loss of electrolytes of human motion, energy and other carbonated beverages such as soft drinks and other sports. Currently, there are cola carbonated beverages, fruit, low calorie, lemon and citrus flavor taste Zeyi based. Packaging plastic bottles, metal cans, glass bottles, the volume also different sizes. In addition to carbonated drinks labels indicate the product name, product type, net weight, list of ingredients, the manufacturer (or distributor) the name and address, product standards, production date, shelf life, the fruit juice content of the original type must be identified; fruit type must be marked "fruit" logo; cola sour agent must indicate the name; low-calorie sweetener to be marked with the name, thermal value.

Advantages and Disadvantages of carbonated drinks
Carbonated soft drinks is usually said, it is the family of the protagonist drinks, including cola, lemonade, orange soda and a variety of fruity drinks.

Carbonated beverages for containing carbon dioxide, which inhibit bacterial growth and oxidation effect, so can be stored longer and will not degenerate. After evaporation of soda will take away the heat by carbon dioxide, so it can play better than any other beverage cooling effect. Drink a bottle of soda on a hot day can not only quench their thirst, but also play a role in summer cooling, so widely welcomed. However, the carbon dioxide in carbonated drinks is not only the benefits to the ****, there are side effects: a stimulating effect on the stomach, can cause bloating or gastrointestinal disorders, suffering from ulcer patients, a large number of soft drinks also lead to the risk of perforation. A few children and old people washed up carbon dioxide, after soft drinks, food with the stomach, and strayed into the trachea, causing serious consequences were reported. Therefore, swallowing disorders in infants and the elderly should not drink carbonated beverages.

Oranges on the market of soft drinks, lemonade and soft drinks are a variety of colorful fruit flavor, pigment, organic acids concocted, which is no fruit ingredients, so there is no proper nutrients in fruits. Basically, carbonated drinks have citric acid and phosphoric acid are added, they will affect the **** to absorb calcium, causing the body of calcium and phosphorus balance of the population, so drunk carbonated drinks can induce fractures. Some people have done confirm who drink carbonated beverages increased 3-fold risk of fracture. There corrosive effect of citric acid on the teeth, the survey confirmed that drinking four bottles of carbonated drinks per day for 12-year-old children than their peers do not drink or drink less tooth loss rate of increase in the child 252%, 14-year-olds increased 513 percent.

Sugary carbonated drinks about 3-5%, so are high-calorie food, drink make you fat. Is not suitable for diabetic patients. Sugar on the market today there is a carbonated beverage, even though it's not sugar, but the strong acid damage to teeth is still there, due to weak resistance to diabetes, so people with diabetes are not suitable.

Cola-type soft drinks for a special color, smell, taste and popular, in addition to its presence outside the above characteristics of carbonated drinks, including **** (a small can of **** containing about 50 - 80mg) will make people excited, heart speed up, breathing increased, and some people may also reduce sleep quality. After the child prone to drink, "****", so that children become undisciplined. Drink beverages containing **** addiction also, a "tireless drunk" phenomenon. Recent studies have also confirmed that **** can inhibit DNA repair, the cell mutation rate increased, and therefore its potential hazards to be overlooked.

Carbonated drinks harm
Carbonated beverage to a certain extent affect people's health, the main findings were as follows:

1, the impact on bone

Phosphorylation leading to osteoporosis

Most carbonated beverages contain phosphoric acid components, which should influence the phosphate bone it will be, adds to the growing bone health carbonated drinks would be threatened. Because the **** are all of the requirements of various elements, a large number of phosphate intake can affect the absorption of calcium, causing calcium and phosphorus imbalance.

Once the calcium deficiency in the growth process for the physical development of children in the damage is very great. Undoubtedly means that the slow development of bone calcium and osteoporosis. Data shows that often a large number of young people drinking carbonated drinks the risk of fracture is 3 times the other young people.

Osteoporosis is a worldwide, more and more attention to health problems caused by people. With age, the body's absorption of calcium decreased, it is prone to osteoporosis in the elderly, especially elderly women. Studies have shown that drinking large quantities of carbonated beverages, in particular, inadequate intake of milk and dairy products but also, very easily lead to osteoporosis. This is mainly because most of the carbonated drinks contain phosphoric acid. Intake can affect a large number of phosphate absorption of calcium, causing calcium and phosphorus imbalance, which affects the bones and teeth. As easy calcium deficiency during pregnancy, so it should try to drink less soda.

2, the impact on the human immune system

To facilitate the preservation, for the rich attractive taste, the drink is now inseparable from food additives. Many beverage manufacturers to reduce costs as much as possible, always a soft spot on the additives, even at the cost exceed the standard used. Although many are not marked on the label contained the name of the additive, but the test results show that its existence is an indisputable fact.

Nutritionists believe that a healthy **** should be alkaline, and is currently adding carbonated drinks, lactic acid, citric acid more, and because in recent years the intake of meat, fish, poultry and other animal foods the more weight to larger, acidic blood of many people, such as intake of more acid again, so long in the acidic state of the blood, is not conducive to the blood circulation, human fatigue, decreased immunity, a variety of microbial diseases take advantage of the system , people susceptible to various diseases.

3, the impact on digestive function

Studies have shown that sufficient quantities of carbon dioxide in the beverage can play bactericidal, antibacterial effect, but also take away body heat by evaporation, cooling effect.

However, if drinking too much soda is not beneficial to the stomach, but also affect digestion. Because a lot of carbon dioxide in the inhibition of bacteria in beverages the same time, the body's beneficial bacteria also produce inhibition, so the digestive system would be destroyed.

Especially young people, drinking too much at once, releasing the carbon dioxide is likely to cause abdominal distension, poor appetite, and even cause gastrointestinal disorders. A large number of sugar damage organs healthy.

Drink too much sugar is absorbed, it will generate a lot of heat, long-term consumption is very easy to cause obesity. Most importantly, the kidney will bring great burden, which is caused by one of the hidden dangers of diabetes.

4, the impact on the nervous system

Impede impulse conduction in the nervous system, likely to cause ****.

The survey showed that 46% of people do not like to drink carbonated beverages, 29% of people recognize the long-term consumption of carbonated beverages on human health. Therefore, we should be actively promoted in this regard. Make people aware of drinking too much soda adverse effects on health. People in everyday life, try to drink less carbonated drinks, is usually best to choose a specific activity of boiled water for drinking, moderate drinking may also contain some vitamin juice. With hypertension, diabetes, high blood sugar disease, try not to drink carbonated beverages. In addition, young people can also call people to save the change under the drinking carbonated beverages, do some things in favor of social construction, such as donations to the Hope Project, environmental protection and tree planting.

Basic common sense to buy carbonated soft drinks
1, the preferred shopping malls, supermarkets, production and sales of well-known brand-name products.

2, note the label on the production date, shelf life, name and address, etc. are complete, whether the ingredients list of ingredients in the ingredients meet the standard requirements.

3, should choose the products recently, especially in the summer season, try to choose the time of purchase the product **** hard, not easy to distort. Consumers need to choose different specifications based packaging products, because drinking endless drinks, carbon dioxide will escape during storage, once again affect the taste when drinking.

4, the purchase of light when observed, the first bottle upside down to see whether the sediment, suspended matter, whether there is leakage, and pay attention to see whether the closed sealing cap; then shake a few times to see whether the impurities, is cloudy .

National standards for carbonated drinks in China
According to GB 2759. 2 "carbonated drinks" provision, carbonated drinks should meet the following criteria:

1, carbon dioxide levels (20  when the volume ratio) of not less than 2.0 times.

2, fruit juice carbonated juice beverage is the original content of not less than 2.5% of the carbonated drinks.

3, fruit-based carbonated beverage is the original fruit juice content of less than 2.5% of the carbonated drinks.

4, low-calorie carbonated beverages does not exceed its energy 75kJ/100 m L.

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