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USPS vs FedEx/UPS - reliability 2 replies,1988 views

I'm currently import goods from US to Europe. Usually small packages 10-30 lb. The rates of FedEx and UPS for freight charges is enormous. We are looking into using USPS as freight agent, much cheaper rates. However our suppliers in the US are not recommending it due to poor reliability. Can anyone really tell me, first hand, if this is true? Is USPS that unreliable?
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Re: USPS vs FedEx/UPS - reliability

There are sites which enable you to get competitive quotes from various courier service companies. The tracking facilities provided by companies like FedEx & UPS are quite good and their service is fairly consistent and reliable.


Re: Re: USPS vs FedEx/UPS - reliability
yeah. i am agree with you. Fedex service is quite good!

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