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Legit Sellers - Who are they? 1 replies,495 views

There are many posts about scammers. Frankly it looks like the majority of companies here are dishonest.  But I would like to start a thread about folks who have had succesful transactions and who the vendor is, what was purchased and link to their page.   
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Re: Legit Sellers - Who are they?
Don many deal here on alibaba, and i mean alot, I do not look for brand name items, that is where you got scamed,,,, use alibaba for what it is... just a news paper for B2B   nothing els,,, do alot of garment, stocklot,,,, do not think you can sit behind your PC and make monney,,,, then every body would be able to do it..... you have to put alot of hard work in to it..... and users will only tell you about there bad luck and keep the good supplier for them self... that is the deal.....

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