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Dont be fooled. Ali express is set up to protect you to a point but it is bias to the seller. Who pays thousands of dollars to become a gold member and how much does the buyer pay to buy products through Ali Baba. That tell you right there.

I just got ripped off by Wilson of Baoan kang (int'l) Industrial & trade LTD. He is selling fake ****. I know this as I have a **** for real **** and I can take 50mg and have it work just fine. I went up to 200mg of Baoan kang **** and nothing. I was promised real **** and got fakes.

Here is what happened. I ordered ****. Wilson wanted to charge me a crazy high dollar amount for shipping. I called him on it but he said that it is very hard to get into the country and there forwarder charges a lot but they get it in. So I paid this high shipping cost and for the product. Around $357. Surprise, the shipment got taken by customs. Alibaba express said I received my shipment and had X amount of days to confirm or the payment would be released automatically.I did not receive the payment so I had no choice to refuse the payment being released. The seller rejected my refund request and I tried to explain before this hapened why I had no choice but he did not understand english good enough. Wilson agreed to send **** as a replacement to the **** and said he would have to send less as **** cost more. He said for him to do this, I had to confirm receipt with Ali express and email them saying I received it so they could release payment and then Wilson would send the new shipment along. I did contact ali express at this time to explain and they either did not speak good enough english or did not care. So, I had to confirm delivery and Wilson sent along the new shipment. After getting the shipment, I counted them and i was short about 20 pills but did not complain as I was just happy they came. A few day later I tried one and it did not work. I figured I better really be sure before I complained to I saw my girlfriend over the next week and a half and even tried 200mg of the product received from Wilson of Baoankang (int'l) Industrial & trade LTD. NOTHING. So the next time I tried half a pill (50mg) of the **** from the pharmacy and it worked amazing. So, they are selling fake pills. I went to put in feedback to warn others and 4of5 stars was already entered automatically from ali express if you do not add feedback after 45days from receipt of product, but I did not have 45days, they counted from the time the first shipment arrived in which did not get through to me. In actuality I only had a couple weeks to leave feedback.

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Re: Ali Express is not safe and customer support SUCKS
I contacted Ali Express last night to let them know what happend and that I wanted to be able to leave feedback and start a dispute with this company. This is what I got in response. "Thanks for your email. The transaction was completed and your payment has been released to your supplier for your Order 1000163646. We are afraid that Escrow cannot protect your transaction since the transaction has been completed. For your problem, please contact the supplier directly. You can do this by clicking "Contact Now" or the "Chat Online" icon in the supplier detail section. As a friendly reminder, please inspect all orders carefully when they are delivered to you. Please only click "Confirm Order Received" if the product(s) you receive are in satisfactory condition. If you have any further questions, please visit our Help Center at or contact us at anytime. Sincerely, AliExpress Customer Service Team Email:" They sent me the emaiI above after I already showed them that I contacted the seller and they had no interest in making this right. This Wilson was just worried about taking lunch. Did Ali express even read my email or do they just not care. I think a little of both. I a company is selling fake product, you think they would want to look into it further. Below is what I said to Wilson, you can see by this that he knows they are fakes that he sent, he did not defend this product at all and said sorry, we will order from new company. me Hey Wilson. I received that order some time ago, thank you but it is not viagra, it does not work. I have a prescription for real viagra and know how it works, this stuff you sold me does not. I even took two 100mg pills and it would of for sure worked if it was real. Wilson dear buyer,it is not produced by us we just buy from others but some clients said it is good i don't know for that me well, you are buying and selling fakes. I spent over $300 for pills that do not work If some say it is good then it would be in there mind, or they have never tried real viagra Wilson (Kamagra) really.If it is,we will buy from other suppliers Wilson (Kamagra) sorry for that,I am just going out for lunch me well, that still leaves me with useless pills. I am not impressed at all and need to let others know so they do not waste there hard earned money and time like I did. Buyers, Stop Using Alibaba! This BS will not stop until we fight back for equal treatment when there are problems! Ali Express, Shame on you for being so Useless and Lazy! Get some self pride in what you do!
Re: Ali Express is not safe and customer support **

I  cann't  believe  this ,you buy the  Viagra

In my point ,the  FOREIGNER  don't need it

You are always  strong  in  sexuality  [em2]

Re: Re: Ali Express is not safe and customer support SUCKS
I hear you!  In July I purchased 2 Motorola A1600 phones from "Lina Lina"- well, I thought I did.  Phones were never shipped, let alone received.  Filed a dispute, provided the details in response to an email from them.  Absolutely stone-cold deafening silence since then.  Email to "customer service" was bounced as invalid address....  Oh, yeah, I'm surprised!  not.  Alibaba and his 40 thieves got that $330 but that is their loss - I was considering using Alibaba as a merchandise source...not likely to happen after ripping me off.  Oh, well, it could have been a substantial order - lucky me!  Other purchasers beware:  Paypal Dispute Resolution is not available for purchases from alibaba and his 40 thieves....

Re: Re: Ali Express is not safe and customer support **
wlfrcfft wrote:

I cann't believe this ,you buy the Viagra

In my point ,the FOREIGNER don't need it

You are always strong in sexuality [em2]


You are  very stupid

Re: Ali Express is not safe and customer support **
alibaba and the 40 thieves you got it right . I bought fake usb and some jewelry that never came.
Re: Ali Express is not safe and customer support **
i live in china for 3 years now and the first thing you become taught by chinese is: don't trust any chinese.
In regard of Alibaba and Aliexpress, they will always only act in the interests of the chinese seller. And there are much more bad companies there as good, cause as long as you pay your member fee, you will become a gold member and all checking and certifications aren't worth the paper on which printed or the time to read it.
So if you pay in advance
Re: Ali Express is not safe and customer support **
forgot to end: a payment in advance is like playing roulette: there is always a chance to win [em3]
Re: Ali Express is not safe and customer support **
Did you pay with PayPal because this is the most trusted way. And DO NOT trust websites that use normal "http://..." The secure connection is "https://...". I think Aliexpress is trustful but I just bought a canon and see what's gunna happen.
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guys tel me what is paypal this express never reach my item i have been order more than 2 months.
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yes dude still it never came my order they took more than 2 months i have just order very sexy underwear.

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