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Shanghai Lanmai Import & Export Limited Company=cheat 2 replies,940 views


Shanghai Lanmai Import & Export Limited Company

this is a fake company.

This company has cheated me.

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Re: Shanghai Lanmai Import & Export Limited Company=cheat
Dear friend, there are too many scammers here. How can I do business successfully but not be scammed? What shall you do if you cannot make sure whether the supplier is real or not? How can the business activity become easier? Well, You can come to us. We can do that for you.
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Re: Shanghai Lanmai Import & Export Limited Company=cheat
dear my friend around the world:
we are both international trade and china represent service company in china.
we can offer you original iphone and game console for factory price.
We can offer you high quality goods and service with factory price and we cooperation with special dhl shipping company that can keep your goods safe and quick arrive your country with cheaper price.
We can do your represent in china and go to china factory that you want purchase directly to help you identify it true or fake in order to help you handle everything in china until you receive the goods.
We cooperation with government police and big lawyer to help you take money back and ask for more do compensate if you was cheated by Chinese cheater. ( only accept at least lose up 10000 us dollar and payment not receive goods)
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