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what do your customer look first? 5 replies,1176 views

what do your customer look first ? your product or packaging of your product? Your product should have a very fine quality and superior quality then your competitor , so that your product should be the leading product , mostly customer wants the product with good quality , but at the same time , customer point is also important equally , customer will first look the PACKAGING OF YOUR PRODUCT. it is very important to develop packaing of your product with the quality of your product. Do you agree customer will look first on the packaing of the product?
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Re: what do your customer look first?


Yes, that is correct.

Western Marketing Psychologists call it "Sensation Transference".

The sensation of what we see actually transfers into the product in our subconscious mind.

If we see poor quality packaging or poorly written User Manuals etc, etc ... our subconscious mind tells us that the product is also poor quality.

Re: what do your customer look first?
excellent !

i see there is some one who can understand this , thanks for your appreciation and reall understanding.
I have read many articles of you , i knew you from many times as AUSSIE.

wish you best wishes [em2][em3][em17][em19][em21]
Re: what do your customer look first?
[em2]glad to share your topic.To be honest,every customer wants the best quality &best packing for the products.If supplier can provide both of them in low cost,of course they will do to cater for customer's need.However,if the package increase much more cost for the products,the customer maybe not happy with the price.Then supplier and customer many doubt abt the packages....[em4]
Re: what do your customer look first?
Aussie do you have some classes in marketing online?
Re: what do your customer look first?
Aussie is and old fox in internasional trading, im not sure if he have any classes in marketing, but iI now for sure that I use him for advise when I need it.....

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