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I ordered a product from a company called ""  They sent me a tracking # for this on 7 March 09.  There is still nothing showing up on the system.  I have tried all the tracking websites that i know to try.  Still nothing. 

How do i know or when is a good time to give up and accept the fact that i got jacked for my money?  They are pay pal verified for about a year and a half. 


this is my tracking number.  Can anyone with any information help.  Thanks in advance and appreciate your time.

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EMS Tracking help
there is no any tracking information are show on the EMS website.
that means they didn't sending out the parcel to you in fact.
Re: EMS Tracking help
            Is there a phone number from ems so I could call and check for parcel? On ems website I couldn't find it.
Re: EMS Tracking help
             My tracking number starts with ED? It cuold be fake/
Re: EMS Tracking help

You have to follow this link to track Could anyone tell me if the products from air2kicks are authentic?

Re: EMS Tracking help
good luck
Re: EMS Tracking help

To all alibaba users, please be carefull when dealing with below company. I have been cheating with those company and lost my money when buying goods from them. The company is Gold Members but they are clever, they using Gold Members Advantages to cheat buyer. Below is company profile:

1. ShenZhen **** Electronic -

  • I lost USD$135 for PSP 3000 Black
  • 4 weeks my item not received until today.
  • They do not respond when i asking them about my refunds.
  • 3 times courier change because their reason item Lost by EMS dan change to DHL, and then lost again, and then they want to send again but i don;t want and want my Refunds but they not respond me until today about my refunds.
  • 3 times tracking number is FRAUD. Their website is
  • Dealer name, Harlan Lu, Samantha Lee, Jailyn Yam and FIona Zu.

2. Refigeration Equipment Serve Centre of Youxi

  • I lost USD$189 for buying iphone 3Gs 16Gb which not received until today which already include western union service charge.
  • No respond when i said i want my refunds since the item LOST.
  • They tell me my item LOST using EMS, and will send it again using FEDEX but still can't track the item and item not received.
  • Suppose can be track because they send the item using FEDEX on last Monday 26 April 2010. Until today item not received or track.
  • They give me FRAUD tracking number.
  • Their company website in is
  • All thei staff not respond me after i want my refunds back.
  • Staff that dealing with me known as Chen Yi/ Grace....Beware with their cute picture..all is fraud to attract you to buy the item.

This company using their Gold Member Advantages to cheat you, they reason is always tell you that your item is LOST by EMS, item is not found. They also give your reason to send again the goods, after 4-5 days, you still cannot track the item and when you ask them, they will give you reason item is LOST again. This is nonsense, this SCAM activities should be kick off from since maybe not only me the victiom but there will be many victiom soon.

Please help us to prevent this SCAM Company. They will cheat many people soon when we not kick this FRAUD away.

Re: EMS Tracking help
I think you can try to call the EMS facility derectly to check the parcel, but probably, your supplier had not sent you the products you are purchasing, maybe you have been cheated.
Re: Re: EMS Tracking help
hello everyone everyone who is using alibaba plz becareful there so many fake company and i don't understand such good and reputed company alibaba how they gave them gold supplier and certified them which really out of mind as when we ask them about their company the very first thing they introduce is we are alibaba gold supplier and we are certified and who ever certified them they are responsible and also alibaba there so many complain about so many company and besides loosing so many money of client they are still enlarge and doing samething neither alibaba nor company who gave certificate to these company who will pay us back these company break so many laws they gave fake ems number which is crime in international law and is also kind of cyber crime i hope in china there is cyber law also and they should act and alibaba they not forget that these things bring bad name to company and may loose their trust on alibaba plza be careful if you are dealing with any company if the person is fiona zu or zho thanks
Re: EMS Tracking help

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Re: EMS Tracking help
Potalaknits - IMHO it's time for Alibaba to change the rules of becoming Gold Members. Otherwise Alibaba will lose reputation and good name.

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