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[em6][em8]the Thailand rice co with markgerson@rocket are a crooks they stole $10400 usd from me please help me that money belongs to my childern and we were looking to invest it for them now these assholes who i found on your web site has stolen from me

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b3-vr6 wrote:
6 registrars ordered on the amount of $ 810 for Mr. Jack Liang in the firm ASPIRING ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD They sent out their first 2 times and both times did not reach. Then I demanded back the money. He said that I sent them. But the money I never received. It's been 6 months. Who can help return the money?
Reply # 28 jinhechuan

DizzyYou should be ashamed to defend your dishonest fellow chinese businessmen. The have now honor-dont deliver and keep the money. They are common thiefes and should have there hand cutoff.

You undeveloped land of crooksDizzy

Re: Reporting Fraud
fake company :
PT. Dynamic Turbocharger Systems Indonesia

i have ask my friend to check for it to the supplier country!
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we found fake seller on these supplier : PT GEMILANG PRASADA IVAN GUNAWAN PT EQUATORIAL KARYANUSA INDAH PT DYNAMIC TURBOCHARGER SYSTEMS INDONESIA we go to indonesia to find the company and try to meet them,but never found them.all are fake address. we really deceived with the CHEAP price!!! this situation really unfavorable!
Reply # 8 gonglawyer
Good on you for advertising your services shame on Alibaba for trying to stop you.If I had not already lost USD $405.00 to one of the scammers operating on Alibaba website I would enlist your services.Just be aware of David Lee or Haizhen Huang from Hong Kong Global Bequator corp he is a liar and a thief.
Re: Reporting Fraud
Hong Kong global Equator Corp Ltd is a fake company. the operator is David Lee or Haizhen Huang. He stole USD $405.00 from us and no longer replies to emails or phonecalls. He provided us with a fake track n trace number then tried to con more money from us for "taxes". When we refused to pay taxes he ceased communication. We sent the funds via Western union to Xiamen China under the name Haizhen Huang. Buyer beware this man is a thief and a liar. [em5]
Re: Reporting Fraud
in Indonesia :
cv muki jaya = bagenta furniture = few other sites on alibaba using the same pictures

we agree with a proforma signed we send the first payment. they then totally ignore us and we'll never get money back.
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i have go to indonesia to find indonesian supplier address but it's fake!!!! just wasting my time and i have lost lot of money for the trip!!!!!!!!! try to contact them but they only ask for payment in the front not try to meet us!!!!

you should try to order from this indonesian supplier so you will know how it's taste to lose money ALIBABA.COM!!!!!
I wish to report a scam with web site / I've purchased outboard engines for more than US$3 000. Order has been paid via Paypal in two remittance @ and After payments have been done, supplier sent me contract via Fedex , that I've signed and sent back as requested. I didn't received any news till today. Phone number on site is wrong. I've got some HK phone numbers registred on this company Fedex account but it's wrong numbers ! Take care of this supplier. cheer

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