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Being a Businessman/woman, what does it really mean???? 1 replies,17786 views

"I want to be my own Boss", that's usually how the whole story of being a businessman really starts.

Initially, we see some person, who has a big car, dresses well, has a beautiful girl with him, immediately the first thought that goes through many heads is he must be a business man. Yea, he can be, but he can also be a high paid manager or something. But why do we immediately jump to the conclusion that its a businessman.

Well, the term businessman means everything that people wish for, independence, being the boss, travel, and the one who people come to, to ask for advise. But all of us who are businessman, know that's not necessary true, the people only see our chocolate side, the surface, when we go to meetings, to impress the party to do business with us, they don´t see beneath the surface, the hard work, the struggles, and crazy work hours, and trying to grow another pair of hands to get the job done.

20 years back, i called it the golden times, reason being, anyone with enough guts (a basic ingredient for a businessman), and someone who could keep a secret(also a essential ingredient), could make money like crazy, the world wasn´t as globalized as it is today, not so transparent as it is today. So if someone had a business going the chances were small that he would be copied, since it seemed to difficult to follow, nobody was willing to do that hard work (even if it was easy in reality), since the businessman perceived the illusion of all the struggles he had to undertake.

If you look around there are a lots of remnant's of that time today, all the old business man, majority of them, are quiet wealthy, how come not today.

Everything has changed, its not slow anymore, the world has become transparent, and everything nowadays goes with a click of the mouse, any information is immediately available if you just even get the slightest hint of the source you are looking for through the power of Globalization (the Internet).

It is much more competitive, at any second you can win or lose. It has become in literal terms, a war, just without weapons, but a war of information, who ever holds it first wins the most points.

The today's specimen of a business man is much different then its counterpart 20 years back. Today they have to be up to date at all times, have to be in rhythm with the world, not anymore their own hometown. Have to make quick decisions, and handle their competitions. Also today's business man should have a fond knowledge in geography, good understanding of Internet, and needs to know more then one subject, English of course has become a must world wide, should be a techno geek, must learn to act at times better then an actor.

Today more then ever, to be a true business man, knowledge is a must, at least the basic knowledge of all things is a must. Flexibility to travel, quiet a lots of guts to go to new places, a all-rounder in terms of skills and abilities, and of course always being able to understand and comprehend anything that is useful to target perceived.

The true path of business is to be able to grasp any opportunity that comes your way, so in respect to that, any business man, is a perfectionist, to some degree, they have to bee, since only then they are able to grasp the opportunities that come their way in the individual trade.

My father always said "why is a worker a worker and not a businessman,..., a trader works smart and not hard(the physical aspect), and has to have a bigger heart." This is why we are different already.

Another thing that is important to know is the responsibility a businessman holds, doesn't matter either good or bad, but the base is, out of the 100% only 1%, are businessman, but if you look at it, its them who are turning the tables of the world, give work, bring things needed to places where its needed (as I said can be good or bad, drugs are need as much as food, for treating people or just getting a kick out of it, it depends on how you want to do it). The truth is there wouldn´t be a economy without a business man, it cannot exist, since man evolutionary stage there has been traders.

We are the ones who pay the highest taxes, so the country has enough for the rest. So in a way, regardless of small or big, one man operation or 1000 men employed company, we are important and hold that burden on our shoulders. This has been always like that.

So all of us are part of something big, even if we realize it or not.

Now lets combine all of that, its not easy being a Businessman/woman, but it takes a lot of things to be one, and its a lifetime of achievement since everyday we learn and improve ourselves. Everyday we go out to fight our battle, with the head as much as with the heart. Officially we are not regarded and well thought off.

But in-officially everyone wants to be like us, if they can or not.

The only thing that at the end really matters is on which side do we stand. Since there are two ways of earning money.

The sides I am talking about have been quoted by my father so well, I would like to quote them to you.

"Even a Pimp is a businessman and can be a millionaire, so whats the difference between him and all the other businessman,....,its MORALS"

would like to hear your view of a businessman/woman

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Re: Being a Businessman/woman, what does it really mean????
Good luck.
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