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A big fraud shipping and sellers
Highly wish all of us sincere and fair business..
The above recomments is good, checking the seller details first.
Re: A big fraud shipping and sellers
Hello All, I have ordered 20 mp4 players in 2 shipments from Aicer Technology, HK dealing with Hanxin Jack Liu. Out of the 20, 6 were defective. I have emailed him numerous times and no contact back. Watch out for this one
Re: A big fraud shipping and sellers
my husband was scammed on alibaba by a company called huodle trade co ltd he bought windows xps and none of them worked in the end the supplier refused to answer emails and my husband lost his business as he had to give refunds to everyone who bought these and microsoft has now got involved the only consolation of this is that now they are more interested in this company as my husband only bought the items (he thought he was just getting a good deal) but we have lost everything because of this so called cmpany avoid at all costs [em4]
Re: A big fraud shipping and sellers

How are you doing? I am very sorry you got scammed on alibaba, believe me i also have been in the same situation but things go on. I lost more than 20 000USD on alibaba but now i am working on alibaba as well well and i have gained much more than that. You just have to know with whom you are dealing. You promised yourself not to do business with overseas, this is strictly a bad idea, overseas business is the best way as we are all globally connected. I will want to discuss more and proceed business with you to show that not everyone is the same. Can you email me at or
Thank you
Re: A big fraud shipping and sellers
That real bad here much scamers in site think need a better check [em24]
Re: A big fraud shipping and sellers

[em1] It just make me sick to see crooks doing this on a daily basis.  Don't they have anything better to do.



Re: A big fraud shipping and sellers
wiroj_srirach wrote:
Hello everyone,

Please trust me a terrible fraud that is the shipping company in London who called 3rd party

I bought machine from the sellers in UK. Then they  required me to use the shipping company name 24h-transport or 7d-carrier and now they use Royal Trans Express

When I made a deal with the sellers they will sent me the track # to check packages status.

Wow It s great.I made payment by western Union to shipping agent account. The shipping confirmed package will arrive within 5 days. Until  now nothing arrive. I can not contact the sellers and shipping  any more. They website was not available

The fraud seller name: Christopher Elvin,  Logan Forth , Daniel Hambelton  They are in UK

                                          and posting their goods in ebay and anywhere

The fraud shipping : 24h-transport or 7d-carrier or Royal trans express

                                      3 Bedford street London England

Any buyer please avoid to contact them
Re: Re: A big fraud shipping and sellers



Re: A big fraud shipping and sellers
Hello !

I have the same situation !

A how can we catch thous guys ???

I order iphone from one company ...and i get nothing !

He is not answering to my email ...

But i send him email from another my email and he is answering and now i have a deal with he ...i can catch he when he is going second time to take a money ...

BUT I NEED A PERSON WHO IS CATCHING THIS GUYS ! Someone can tell me plz where can organize this ?

I need speak with police in my country and in china or what ?

Thanks ! guys plz help me - we need to catch this cheaters !
A big fraud shipping and sellers
please do not trust any 3rd party shipping agency that offer you the save shipment. it could me a fraud shipping company create by the scammer team. u should trust if its a major name like DHL. but most of the major name not do the offer like this shipping agency. its sure a complot. be carefull for the next time.

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