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Commonly used: ��Proverbs and Sayings����
----- with meaning.

~ the grass is (always) greener on the other side (of the fence):
said about people who never seem happy with what they have and always think that other
people have a better situation than they have it.

~ money doesn't grow on trees:
used to tell somebody not to use something or spend money carelessly because you do not have a lot of it.

~ two heads are better than one:
used to say that two people can achieve more than one person working alone.

~ you can't keep a good man down:
a person who is determined or wants something very much will succeed.

~ marry in haste, ( repent at leisure):
people who marry quickly, without really getting to know each other, may discover later that they have made a mistake.

~ money talks:
people who have a lot of money have more power and influence than others.

~ blood is thicker than water:
family relationships are stronger than any others.

~ boys will be boys:
you should not be surprised when boys or men behave in a noisy or rough way as this is part of typical male behaviour.

~ you've made your bed and you must lie in/ on it:
you must accept the results of your actions.

~ one man's meat is another man's poison:
used to say that different people like different things; what one person likes very much, another person does not like at all.

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Re: Commonly used “Proverbs and Sayings’’-- with meaning ~ 2

Replying to [adseaco]:

~ live and let live: used to say that you should accept other people's opinions and behaviour even though they are different from your own.

~ no time like the present: now is the best time to do something, not in the future.

~ no pain, no gain: used to say that you need to suffer if you want to achieve something.

~ half a loaf is better than no bread: you should be grateful for something, even if it is not as good, much, etc. as you really wanted; something is better than nothing.

~ you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink: you can give somebody the opportunity to do something, but you cannot force them to do it if they do not want to.

~ don't judge a book by its cover: used to say that you should not form an opinion about somebody/something from theirappearance only.

~ kill the goose that lays the golden egg / eggs: to destroy something that would make you rich, successful, etc.

~ a **** cannot change its spots: people cannot change their character, especially if they have a bad character.

~ live to fight another day: used to say that although you have failed or had a bad experience, you will continue.

~ where there's muck there's brass: used to say that a business activity that is unpleasant or dirty can bring in a lot of money.

Re: Re: Commonly used “Proverbs and Sayings’’-- with meaning ~ 2


I love your posting. Is there any idioms?

Re: Commonly used “Proverbs and Sayings’’-- with meaning ~ 3
Replying to [adseaco]:

~ if you can't beat them, join them: if you cannot defeat somebody or be as successful as they are, then it is more sensible to join them in what they are doing and perhaps get some advantage for yourself by doing so.

~ truth is stranger than fiction:  used to say that things that actually happen are often more surprising than stories that are invented.

~ when the cat's away the mice will play: people enjoy themselves more and behave with greater freedom when the person in charge of them is not there.

~ seeing is believing: used to say that somebody will have to believe that something is true when they see it, although they do not think it is true now.

~ actions speak louder than words:  what a person actually does means more than what they say they will do.

~ you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs: you cannot achieve something important without causing a few small problems.

~ it'll be all right on the night: used to say that a performance, an event, etc. will be successful even if the preparations for it have not gone well.

~ he who plays the piper calls the tune: the person who provides the money for something can also control how it is spent.

~you're only young once: young people should enjoy themselves as much as possible, because they will have to work and worry later in their lives.

~ needs must (when the Devil drives): in certain situations it is necessary for you to do something that you do not like or enjoy.

Re: Re: Re: Commonly used “Proverbs and Sayings’’-- with meaning ~ 2
Replying to [ResourcesAdmin]:Thank you so much for appreciating....[em1]
---'Idioms'.. hopefully ...'Next Week'.[em13]
Re: Commonly used “Proverbs and Sayings’’-- with meaning ~ 3
Replying to [adseaco]:Dear Adseaco
This is something I did not try to get used to in English. I only know very few ones. So the list you have provided is very good for me, very informative. I still remember the ones I learned in Spanish when I was growing up. My elders used to tell me these proverbs.

A caballo regalado no se le mira el diente
If you get a horse as a present, don't look at its teeth.

Whenever you get a present, no matter how old or small it is. Do not compalint about it, always acept it and say thank you. You don't know what the person went through to get you the present. The action is what matters, he thought on you to give you a present.

Si el rio suena es porque piedras trae.
If the river becomes noisy, it is because of the stones are moving.

Be careful, when you notice something unusual, it is because something bad is going to happen. Bad things don't happen overnight, they are planned and takes time and there should be some signals that you need to be aware of.

En boca cerrada no entra mosca.
When you have your mouth close, no fly could get in

This is related when you enter a room and hear people talking about something you may know. Don't jump to quick to participate. Listen first once it is clear to you the discussion then participate. If you jump in to quick, you may say things out of context, and embarras some of the participants.

Caminante no hay camino, el camino se hace al andar
Walking person, no walkway available. However, a walkway is built when you start walking.

Sometimes there are no advices to follow, you need to decide on your own. So don't be afraid of doing that. Everything had once its beginning, and if not ready, don't worry. You yourself could build the walkway for others to benefit.

Hope you get the spirit of the Sapnish proverbs

Re: Re: Commonly used “Proverbs and Sayings’’-- with meaning ~ 3

Replying to [Vicente]: Hi Vicente, there are some matching Chinese idioms to your Spanish proverbs. People in every corner of the world learned from their experiences.

Thanks for sharing.


Re: Re: Re: Commonly used “Proverbs and Sayings’’-- with meaning ~ 3
Replying to [Moolan99]:Hola Moolan (Hola = Hello)
Now you are playing with my curiosity. I would like to know some of those chinese proverbs. Not only the statements but also the context how they should be interpreted. I know you could do it. Please share with us the ones that you heard the most.
Re: Re: Commonly used “Proverbs and Sayings’’-- with meaning ~ 3
Hello Vicente!
Nice to hear from you and many thanks for appreciating the post.
Proverbs, Metaphors, Similes, Idioms are the real charms of any language.
The tough part of all language is the Grammar.

"A proverb is a short, generally known sentence of the folk which contains wisdom, truth, morals, and traditional views in a metaphorical, fixed and memorizable form and which is handed down from generation to generation.” ---Wolfgang Mieder.

You certainly have a fair knowledge of proverbs and the Spanish ones quoted by you are really wonderful...Thanks for the contribution.

Re: Commonly used “Proverbs and Sayings’’-- with meaning ~ 4
Replying to [adseaco]:

~ all hands on deck/all hands to the pump every:
one helps or must help, especially in a difficult situation.
~ many hands make light work: used to say that a job
is made easier if a lot of people help
~ beauty is only skin-deep: how a person looks
is less important than their character.
~ the apple doesn't fall/never falls far from
the tree:
(especially name) a child usually behaves
in a similar way to his or her parent(s).
~ charity begins at home: you should help and
care for your own family, etc. before you start helping others.
~ absence makes the heart grow fonder: used
to say that when you are away from somebody that you love,
you love them even more.
~ once bitten, twice shy: after an unpleasant
experience you are careful to avoid something similar again.
~ great/tall oaks from little acorns grow:
something large and successful often begins in a very small way.
~ a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush:
it is better to keep something that you already have than to risk
losing it by trying to get much more.
~ out of the mouths of babes (and sucklings): used
when a small child has just said something that seems very wise
or clever.
Re: Commonly used “Proverbs and Sayings’’-- with meaning ~ 4
Replying to [adseaco]:Good collection. I had read some earlier but not all.



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