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Hi, Be very aware trading on I have done two deals on that site and both turned out to be scams. They were both Silverkey members. I wanted to purchase Apple iPods. The first company that claimed to have the authentic product was beijing gere century invests company. As soon as they got my money, I never heard back from them. I reported the fraud to Tradekey and they pretty much did nothing. They said I had to do my research as a buyer. I contacted them back and asked what was the point of going through their site if their "Third Party Verification" meant nothing, and they didn't even bother answering. They just gave the scammer company -20 points and as far as I know they are still listed on Tradekey website. The second company that I only did a sample order and they still scammed me and I never heard from them was guilin bingshi electric CO.LTD. Be very aware of trading on TradeKey.
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Re: Be Aware of Scammers
Quoting from [apel23]:

Treat EVERY B2B website the same, Apel...... Scammers are all over. You have to do your own research, not rely on the B2B website.... If you read the disclaimers carefully then they do NOT guarentee anything......

Re: Be Aware of Scammers
Replying to [apel23]: WOW [em2] this is a newsflash!!!! By all things known to man how did you think you were going to buy Apple Ipods cheaper in China?
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Re: Re: Be Aware of Scammers
I thought I could get it from there cheaper because after all they are made in China. By the way, it is not the scammers that I'm blaming the situation on; it is TradeKey that in their Demo they have posted all impressive lines like " uses an independent Third Party to check Gold and Silverkey members' details" or "Only credible, respectable business are listed as premium members on". Apperantly none of that existed when you got down to business with a couple of them. The reason I posted this message was for newcomers like me to be aware of situations like this, and not to be read and mocked at.
Re: Re: Re: Be Aware of Scammers
Not everyone who visits a B2B site can be expected to know that you can only get fake Ipods from China. Though I do think you should expect people to do some research in their field before getting into the import business, or at least not take B2B advertising (read: nonsense in the case of the second quote above) at face value, but sadly this does not happen in too many cases. I'm not mocking you, and I don't think it's anything to laugh at, it's just depressing. Forum warnings like what you just posted is pretty much all the protection an inexperienced trader can hope for, in the case when any other action goes against the interests of the B2B site.
Re: Re: Re: Re: Be Aware of Scammers
[em14] I agree with fraudwatcher ! You have to do initial research. You can not expect PS3's under $ 200...its worth is $ 500. You can not get cheap Ipods as well. A great way to search for a company's back ground is firstly ask the b2b website if they have received any negative feedback...I myself asked about a lot of different companies with Tradekey staff...the reply was really positive....I always get a reply from The staff of the website informs us that they have received negative feedback regarding some companies...or informs that business with a company can be serious.

Basically, legitimate suppliers are their on Tradekey but like every other portal the products such as ps3 and ipod are highly risky to deal with. I suggest that before making any dealings just ask the portal regarding the background of the company.
Re: Be Aware of Scammers
alibaba is no better,[em6]
Re: Re: Be Aware of Scammers
Replying to [hhgfd]:

[em17] I agree !!!! spammer are here as well !!!
Re: Be Aware of Scammers
Replying to [apel23]:Tradekey and Alibaba scammers. I thought listing had some connection with good business. That may be true in the states, but not in china.
Tradekey: Great Dragon- still going strong with $ 5000 usd received from me and NO merchandise delivered. Thief and scammer. Their site gets bigger and fancier, but that changes nothing..
Re: Be Aware of Scammers
Replying to [apel23]: Greetings & Thank you for your precious announcement, since every one has to black list GLOBALLY SUCH SCAMS ! The electronic business world should be more respected though & protected from those PARASITES' who deserve to be PANISHED MERCILESS. I think all listed companies should be more close scrutinized and have their background business
records assessed & approved by an upright Worldwide authority, prior to their enrollment, Not' just sum third world country authorisations ! ! !.....................

Take care and best regards

Nicholas J Sofialakis

Re: Be Aware of Scammers
Replying to [apel23]:

Sorry to hear that.
Actually, scammers are everywhere, not only in China, but also the whole world.
We need to open our eyes wide!
If there are some valid law which can punish these frauds seriously, maybe the world will be more beautiful! [em8]

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