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Re: How to Get Your First Customers?
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Re: How to Get Your First Customers?
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Re: How to Get Your First Customers?
Thank you for you sharing . study it .........

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Re: How to Get Your First Customers?
you got the point
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Nice suggestions !
Re: How to Get Your First Customers?
Dear SS,
If you have done your homework nice, you can go to the class with confidence.
Homework is :-
WHAT to make
WHY to make
FOR WHOM to make
WHERE to make
WHEN to make
HOW to make
HOW MUCH to make

Then at class you do as follows:-
Attention:- Create awareness of your business about all or important aspects to potential clients

Interest:- Present your business as potential good source for fair practice, competitive attitude and satisfactory experience

Desire:-Offer your services and products for trial or testing for evaluation.

Action:- Keep all options of size/quantity, delivery/payment ready on your tips for customer to take action.

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Re: How to Get Your First Customers?
Good tips. Thanks.

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Katrina lee

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How to get your first customer ?

Thank you for your share .But i think it is too long .

I beIieve that it is difficult for everyone to get the first order and first customer  when the involve  in this foreign trade field .At the beginning ,They dont know anything . Fistly, they need to familiar with products .Secondly ,If your company have paltform ,You should learn how to reply inquiry and how to manage B2B paltform . Thirdly ,If your company or factory have not paltform ,You should post your products infomation on free B2B paltform or use goolge or other ways .

Above is my suggestion , Thank you for your comments and suggetion .Thank you in advance .

I am so gald to become your firend with everybody to learn and grow up together .

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