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   Sometimes we made mistake and when there is dispute arises,we say that the company is fraud: This is visversa:

1.after oral communication: sign a sale agreement with full details

2.price,quality,inspection,shipment and payment terms

3.there should not be any deviation on bothsides from this

4.payment term should be very clear: LC with all stipulations

5.Quality : There should be an international or genuine agency to certify the quality as per the agreement

6.Insurance terms also be discussed and goods should be insured

7.payment of shipping charges : if CIF means it must be clearly discussed and agreed

If there is any delay due to any unforeseen circumstances the supplier should inform ,request the buyer for extension: and this also be written in the LC:

so if there is clear discussion and agreement there will not be problem

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Re: Save ourselves then we blame others
Lexin trades department co ltd is a big big scammer

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