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China��s financial sector has undergone significant changes since the country opened its doors to the world in the late 1970s. For example, the banking sector has developed from a simple banking system in which direct credit allocation was controlled by the central government through specialized banks into a complex system in which different functions (e.g. regulatory, commercial banking etc.) are implemented by various types of institutions.
The private sector and foreign financial institutions are becoming increasingly important. Even though its securities markets are still quite closed to outsiders, China��s domestic banks and insurance companies remain dominant in their respective markets. Yet, the world is witnessing unprecedented and dramatic changes in all of these sectors in China.
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Re: chinese fnancial syestem!you can have a look!
Quoting from [james-shao]:
So China will become number 1 in all within 2010:
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Re: Re: chinese fnancial syestem!you can have a look!
Replying to [curdrice]:i think so too!and i also think the india will be another great country!

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