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Martial Arts
i think there are many friends having known chinese gongfu ,and also familiar with china action star jack chen![em1][em1][em1]
More commonly known as Kung Fu to westerners, it features high flying kicks, strong vicious punches and fluid choreographed movements. Beyond the physical aspects and fitness value, it also incorporates Chinese philosophy, meditation and aesthetics. In the past, Wushu was used to train soldiers in combat skills and discipline. However, these days, many people are practicing Wushu for health, ****, mental discipline, entertainment and competitive reasons. It is a recognized sport of the Olympics Games. The most famous Wushu schools are the Shaolin Temple and Mt. Wudang and among them only Shaolin teaches hundreds of styles of Wushu. Just to name a few, they are Chang Quan (long fist), Nan Quan (southern fist), Taiji Quan, Xingyi Quan and Bagua Quan.

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