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Our Previous market reports mentioned the fact that, on account of India winning two Korean tenders, the Indian market turned particularly bullish. Over the month, Natural Sesame Seed & Hulled Sesame Seeds Indian Origin prices rose by just under roughly between 10% to 14%,respectively.

Once again the fact that African origin sesame shortfall is proved in the international market .

Large defaults have been reported from major sesame seed exporting African countries . These factors are being now very well known by the Indian sesame seed exporting community & local traders . Which resulted prices further upwards since the end of March, and now it seems that the Indian market, having gone up too far and probably too fast, needs to stabilize before it goes further upwards, : there is without doubt a tight worldwide supply situation in sesame and,

Looking ahead , we continue to be believe that prices will tend to strengthen in coming months , but, as far as Indian is concerned, we may see a short period of consolidation first. But we are unlikely to have seen the top of this market yet.

How ever all eyes is on the next Korean tender to be announced shortly.

With Regards
Sandeep Goyal

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Re: Sesame Seed Market Report III
i need the information about prices and capacity of holdind tender

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