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what do you think of it? give me some impression that sentence,and as all of us from different countries,i think you can give me its means in english .
and also can give me your own lauguage (your mother lanugage),i want to know more kinds languages about it,thanks!

i am chinese,i give the meaning of mine,in chinese,never give up!
some friends who are also chinese,can give your own meaning ,using chinese and english(other sentence to indicate it), i think it will be very intersting!
i will put all of them to my blog~thanks![em2]
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Re: today is cloudy ,tomorrow will be sunny!
Replying to [james-shao]:

Hi James,

Regarding the meaning, it is telling you that today there are white or grey clouds in the sky, and that tomorrow you'll see the bright sun. Your text is what we call "a weather forecast", that part of the news that tell you how the weather will be.

In German they would just very briefly say, "Heute bewölkt; morgen sonnig".

In Spanish it would be, "hoy nublado, mañana despejado".


Re: Re: today is cloudy ,tomorrow will be sunny!
Replying to [germex]:[em2]thanks for your answer,it is wonderful,i think you can have another way to think about it!maybe you can give me another best answer!thanks,looking forwards to receiving from you!best regards![em3]
Re: Re: Re: today is cloudy ,tomorrow will be sunny!
Quoting from [james-shao]:

Replying to [germex]:yesterday ,i post the same meaning with chinese words,it is forbided by alibaba![em8]

here i post it out,maybe you are interested in it !xianzai buhao ,bu dengyu mingtian bu hao!buyao fangqi!


Hi James,

oh you... [em2] So finally you found a pretext for posting something in Chinese, huh? - It was interesting though! [em3]  What does this repetitive word "buhao" mean?


Re: Re: Re: Re: today is cloudy ,tomorrow will be sunny!
Replying to [germex]:hi, germex,i have posted what you have given me in spain and german into my blog! it is very interesting,[em3],if you can speak someother language,pls go on,thanks!
the words"bu hao" ,you can use the not very well to instead
this meaning is abstracted.sometime chinese are very abstracting.
in china there is a fun star who acted in one opusculum( a kind of fun perform),the title is yesterday ,today,tomorrow!
it says that past ,now and future![em7][em7]
i am sincerely ,as this sentence is my motto!thanks![em1]
Re: today is cloudy ,tomorrow will be sunny!
Replying to [james-shao]:I just relate it with being optimistic.

Or you can say, have a positive outlook toward the future.
Re: today is cloudy ,tomorrow will be sunny!
Replying to [james-shao]:
Quote, "Today is cloudy, tomorrow will be sunny! Unquote.

Other than the weather forecast, the above said phrase also has a meaning that is related to the mental status or career level of a person. Above mentioned statement is a phrase that tries to develop the "positive attitudes" in one's life.

Before interpreting the meaning of the sentence, let me try to present here the meanings of two major words of this statement.
1. "Cloudy"also represents a situation of "unclear" or "not transparent" or "trouble", darkened by gloom i.e. having a state of melancholy or depression; low spirits etc. etc. and

2."Sunny represents "resembling the sun", "brighter and pleasant", "cheerful", "joyous".

Therefore, the final meaning of the above statement can be interpreted in this way:

If Today is the bad day; Tomorrow will be the happiest day.
If Today is the time of depression, Tomorrow will be the day of joy.
If Today is the time of troubles, Tomorrow will be the brighter and pleasant day.
(Here, "today" represents present time and "tomorrow" represents future time).

The phrase is symbolic in nature and tries to inculcate the positive thinking and hopes in one's life.

This is the way I see this beautiful phrase.
Re: Re: today is cloudy ,tomorrow will be sunny!
Replying to [vshanker]:Great ! [em18] ----- Philosophical Interpretation. [em19]
Re: Re: today is cloudy ,tomorrow will be sunny!
Replying to [Deepali]:hello.Deepali.thanks for your answer,what you said is right!it is a motto which inspirits people to deal with trouble,[em1]
Re: Re: today is cloudy ,tomorrow will be sunny!
Replying to [vshanker]:hi,vshanker,i have browsed what you siad,it is wonderful,i think you have got the meaning of motto,when i meet some trouble,i awalys inspirit me by it!
i think all of us maybe meet some trouble or something unhappy.i think it is a good suugestion or a good conciliating words!
and can you tell me how to suggest it using india language! thanks!
Re: Re: Re: today is cloudy ,tomorrow will be sunny!
Replying to [adseaco]:thanks ,adseaco,Philosophical Interpretation.
can give all of us some help!
can you use any other laguage to suggest it?
if you can ,i am looking forwards to![em3][em3]

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