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I just made a transaction thru and select credit card for payment which I prefer but they automatic transfer me to western union now I am waiting for them to contact me to transfer the money, anyone out there know about those company, alot of people here say do not send money thru western union that a first sign of FRAUD / SCAM but alot of customer out there still bushing to used them, please help ASAP??????????????
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Re: and western union
Please, I also would like to know if iloxx-transport is a safe shipping company. Someone have traded with it? Is it a scammer?
Thank you all very much
Re: and western union
Replying to enrico:

I think its fraud! Go to website or It´s a big german courier company! Furthermore they have a partnership with ebay. I cannot belive that iloxx-transport is a partner of that company! And I am sure the German company has the international rights on the Name Iloxx!

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